New Zealand. It's Our Place to Protect

The newly formed Ministry for Primary Industries is charged with leadership of the New Zealand biosecurity system. This encompasses facilitating international trade, protecting the health of New Zealanders and ensuring the welfare of our environment, flora and fauna, marine life and Maori resources.

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24 July 2014 MPI introduces new biosecurity sniffers >>
Two young biosecurity sniffers were introduced to the world today, along with a new type of detector dog and a new home for the Ministry for Primary Industries’ (MPI) Auckland-based canine team.

4 September 2013 Sightings of invasive angry pest bird increase in Auckland >>
The recent “Angry Bird” campaign, to increase awareness of a pest bird in Auckland, has sparked an increase in confirmed public sightings of the red-vented-bulbul, an aggressive Asian species that threatens our crops.

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