Enhancing New Zealand’s information on the rural sector

Accurate information on rural properties is essential for a rapid response to a biosecurity outbreak or other natural event emergency.

Being able to contact rural landowners in these situations protects stock, crops, farmers’ livelihoods and the New Zealand economy. It gives New Zealand’s trading partners increased confidence in our ability to respond to disease outbreaks and it reduces the likelihood or scope of trade restrictions that could cost us millions of dollars a day.

This vital contact information is at the heart of FarmsOnLine – a government-owned database of information about the ownership and management of all rural properties, land use, stock and crops. It is the authoritative source of rural property information for biosecurity management.

FarmsOnLine went live in April 2011 and is being continually updated by a maintenance centre calling some 50,000 properties listed on the database each year to verify details.

FarmsOnline (offsite link to has a website where landowners can register and check their property details.

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