Public Consultation

Listed below are consultation documents that are currently open for discussion. Please click on the titles to view the documents and obtain information on how to make a submission.

View the MPI consultation documents (offsite link to

View the Food Safety consultation documents (offsite link to

If the closing date of a document has been reached you will find the document in the archived consultation documents.

TitleTypeClosing Date
Draft IHS: Semen and Embryos from Sheep (Ovis aries) and Goats (Capra hircus) Import Health Standard 17 May 2014
Draft Craft Risk  Management Standard for Aircraft from All Countries Craft Risk Management Standard (CRMS) 9 May 2014
Draft IHS Specified Foods for Human Consumption Containing Animal Products Import Health Standard 1 May 2014
Proposed Changes to the Animal Welfare (dairy Cattle) Code of Welfare 2010 Code of Welfare 1 May 2014

Page last updated: 24 March 2014