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Who we are

The Government has entrusted the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) (offsite link to www.mpi.govt.nz) with one of the most important and complex public service mandates – to lead New Zealand's biosecurity system.

Leadership of New Zealand’s biosecurity system encompasses facilitating international trade, protecting the health of New Zealanders and ensuring the welfare of our environment, flora and fauna, marine life and Māori resources - see MPI's Statement of Intent (offsite link to www.mpi.govt.nz)

Our staff who are directly involved in the biosecurity system are based across New Zealand and overseas. They include vets, scientists, quarantine inspectors, directors, managers, administrators, advisers, Detector Dogs and their handlers, analysts, investigators, legal experts, policy makers, communicators, strategist and business services staff.

What we do

We're here to keep out, remove, or effectively manage the harm that pests or diseases can do to our economy, the environment and our health. To do this we:

How we do it

Our work has several outcomes:

  • Preventing harmful organisms from crossing New Zealand's borders and establishing, while ensuring trade and tourism are maintained
  • Reducing the unwanted harm caused by organisms already established in New Zealand, and
  • Supporting New Zealanders to ensure they are informed and involved participants in the biosecurity system

We reduce risk and facilitate trade across three distinct zones of activity:

Global - we gather and exchange information about emerging risks around the world (see Biosecurity System) , negotiate international treaties and multilateral agreements (see Policy, Laws and Agreements); and facilitate trade access through the development of Standards and Regulations.

Pathways and Borders - we manage risk prior to and at the border (see Entering New Zealand, and Standards and Regulations-Importing), including export trade inspection and official assurances (see Standards and Regulations-Exporting)

Within New Zealand - we manage animal welfare and the risks and impacts of pests and diseases that have already established in New Zealand.

The Biosecurity System

Our system is made up of many groups and organisations working together:

  • Others in the government sector including the Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Tourism, Tourism New Zealand, Ministry for Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Health, Land Information New Zealand, the Department of Conservation, Environmental Risk Management Authority, New Zealand Customs, Crown Research Institutes, and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
  • Primary production organisations
  • Industry sectors, such as importers, exporters, transport and travel, marine and tourism operators.
  • Regional councils and local government
  • The public heath sector
  • Environmental groups.

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