Pacific Activities Advisory Group - PAAG


The purpose of PAAG is to provide direction and guidance in management of risk associated with unwanted pests and diseases entering either New Zealand (from the Pacific) or into the Pacific, this involves; managing and prioritising the increasing number of requests which are received from multilateral international organisations, regional organisations and individual countries to participate in Pacific projects; and assisting all Pacific projects to be coordinated within MPI and across stakeholder agencies and to advise the Border Risk Management Committee of recommendations on proposed Pacific projects and programmes.

PAAG is MPI’s one stop Pacific shop. All things relating to the Pacific now pass through this group. PAAG made up of representatives from across the organisation from every area of MPI. It holds meetings every month to discuss issues, projects, opportunities and the work plan. In essence, it is the hub – all projects proposed by any country or organisation come through the PAAG to be assessed against a set of prioritisation criteria. These criteria have been developed to take into consideration all key elements to ensure the projects and programmes are sustainable, focused and beneficial projects and programmes.


Pacific Strategy Link to PDF document (64 KB)

The purpose of this document is to provide an overarching strategy for MPI’s engagement with the Pacific region. There are two main thrusts to this strategy:

  • Decreasing the biosecurity risks to New Zealand associated with trade with Pacific Island Countries & Territories (Pacific) by pushing those risks off-shore.
  • Providing input into sustainable technical assistance projects to improve the biosecurity, and trade opportunities for the Pacific region.

Members of PAAG


  • Sally Jennings; International Organisations


  • Bob Macfarlane; Border Standards (Exports)
  • Brendan McDonald; Border Standards (Imports)
  • Chris Denny; Operational Facilities, Cargo
  • Deb Anthony (Deb); Risk
  • Grant Weston;Operational Facilities, Cargo
  • John Hedley; International Organisations
  • John Lyall; Manager, Passenger Facilitation
  • Lalith Kumarasinghe; IDC (Ak)
  • Lora Peacock; Plant, Environment & Marine Team
  • Melissa Quarrie (Melissa); Food
  • Ross Farnell; Border Operations Central
  • Nacanieli Waqa;Border Standards (Pacific Imports)

Page last updated: 30 April 2012