What Can I Do?

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) strives to keep New Zealand free of unwanted pest and diseases, to prevent or reduce any damage they may cause if introduced, and to protect and preserve the land, water, industry and people of New Zealand.

Members of the public can make an important contribution to the work the Ministry of Primary Industries does. That is, keeping the country free of unwanted organisms, preventing or reducing any damage these may cause should they occur, and protecting and preserving the land, water, industry and people of New Zealand.

Keeping Watch

If you think you have found a pest, plant disease or animal disease that should not be in NZ:

Protecting our Borders and Waterways

Make sure you comply with behaviours that will help protect New Zealand. When you are:

  • Travelling internationally. Preventing pests and diseases from entering the country is crucial. You must declare all restricted or risk goods when entering the country so that these items can be inspected.
  • Arranging to have items or pets brought into New Zealand. Be aware of the requirements and restrictions for bringing or sending things into New Zealand. The Entering New Zealand and Standards and Regulations section has detailed information about what you need to know to bring such things as your pets, your belongings or any other item into the country
  • Keep your boat or vessel clean. If you are a boat owner, particularly of a vessel that’s moored or berthed seawater for lengthy periods – keep your vessel’s hull clean and anti-fouled. Fouled boat hulls are a major means of spreading marine pests.
  • Clean camping and Fishing Equipment. When moving between waterways you could spread didymo and other aquatic pests if you do not take the right actions. Always be sure to Check Clean Dry any camping, fishing or sporting equipment that has come into contact with waterways here or abroad.

It's our place to protect

Assuring that all animals are properly treated

Everyone with animals has a responsibility for their welfare. The Animal Welfare Group promotes policies appropriate to society's expectations for the humane treatment of animals. If you want to report an animal welfare issue or make a complaint call 0800 00 83 33.

Page last updated: 6 June 2014