Quarantine Declarations for Sea Containers

The Quarantine Declaration (QD) should contain the information shown on the sample quarantine declaration in the import health standard for sea containers (go to containers-declaration.doc Link to Word document (35 KB) to obtain a copy of the standard QD).

The Quarantine Declaration must:

  • Specify the container numbers.
    • Each declaration may be for one or multiple sea containers.
    • A list of containers covered by the QD may be on an attachment. There must be some linkage between this list and the front page containing the questions. (i.e. Pages 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 or commonly numbered documents.)
  • Answer all of the questions shown on the sample quarantine declaration (in the standard). The questions do not have to be in the same sequence as they appear on the sample.
  • Conclude with the name and signature of the person making the declaration.
    • Stamped or electronic (computer generated) signatures are acceptable.

The following are not compulsory but are desirable:

The Quarantine Declaration should:

  • Be on supplier letterhead paper (or stamped with a company seal.).
  • Specify a vessel and voyage number (If known by the declarant).
  • Show the designation of the person signing
  • Be dated

Please note:

  • Translations of the quarantine declaration in 19 different languages are also available on the web. These forms are displayed for information purposes only and the English version must be presented prior any container entering into New Zealand.
  • Australian "Packing Declaration" certificates are not accepted in lieu of the New Zealand Quarantine declaration.

Quarantine Declerations to Accompany Containters to New Zealand
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Page last updated: 6 January 2009