Production and Handling Site Identification Number (PHSIN)


The Production and Handling Site Identification Number (PHSIN) for plant export registration is a replacement for the former MPI orchard registration system (ORS) formerly operated under the New Zealand Grown Fruit and Vegetable Regulations 1975.

PHSIN was initiated to provide a centrally managed unique coding system for the identification of horticultural and arable production sites.

The registration of production sites (horticulture or arable) within PHSIN is voluntary and is available to any grower, packhouse, coolstore etc. Any person may apply for a PHSIN to identify and trace the sale and distribution of their produce. Please note that all pipfruit, kiwifruit and avocado growers should contact the industry organisation to undertake production site registration (see table below). A PHSIN number is not required in these cases as traceability is ensured through industry specific registration processes on behalf of MPI.

Growers may have multiple PHSINs to enable them to differentiate between blocks within a production site or production from more than one production site.

PHSIN provides a means of readily identifying produce through the production, harvest, packing, storage and retail stages. The advantage to a grower of using a PHSIN is that one number can be used for all the various crop types produced on the grower’s production site. Using the PHSIN code is an optional alternative to recording the grower’s name and address of their production site(s) on export packaging.

Note: To register your production site for pipfruit (Apples, European pears and Nashi), Kiwifruit or Avocado fruit, please contact the following organisations directly:

Pipfruit NZ Inc
Phone: (06) 873 7080
Zespri International Ltd
Phone: (09) 367 7500
Avocado Industry Council
Phone: 0800 286 223

Retention of Existing MPI ORS Numbers

Growers/producers/handlers may request to retain their existing historical MPI ORS number’s numerical digits or to have a new number allocated. Requests for the retention of existing MPI ORS numbers (numerical digits only) will be processed on a “first come first serve” basis.

Note: Existing MPI ORS numbers (numerical digits only) may be transferred to a new property owner. MPI requires written confirmation from the previous property owner, authorising the transfer of their old MPI ORS number to the new property owner. This letter of authorisation must accompany the applicant’s request for the transfer of a number or a new PHSIN number will be allocated.

Access to the PHSIN Register

MPI Plants Biosecurity will hold and administer the master PHSIN register, however a subset of the master register will be posted on the MPI website and list only the PHSIN, the grower’s surname, and the trading name.

Any applicant has the right to request access to their registration information held under their name and request correction of it.

View the register.

Official use of PHSIN

The Privacy Act 1993 requires MPI to properly collect, manage and disclose any personal information acquired for the purpose of their lawful business.

MPI may use the information contained within PHSIN as the basis of MPI/Industry approved crop surveys, undertaking trace-back of product to its production site and as a means of obtaining inspection samples for export certification. The register will, in the case of a “Pest or Disease Response”, form the basis for communicating with growers, the identification of properties, production sites and isolating or restricting the distribution of product.

MPI PHSIN Registration Process

The PHSIN is allocated by Exports, MPI, and consists of a unique four (4) digit number from 1 to 9999, preceded by another 2 digit number that acts as an identifier to reflect the existence of any MPI export certification accreditation status.

Registration Fee:

The initial fee for PHSIN registration is $80.00 (GST inclusive) per Registered PHSIN, payable on application.

Registration is renewable annually at a fee of $51.11 (GST inclusive).

Note: Applicants are responsible for renewing their existing registration.

1. Any person or business wishing to register for PHSIN must:

  • Complete the details requested on the attached application form
  • Forward the completed form and registration fee to:
    Team Support Officer
    Plant Exports
    Plants, Food and Environment
    Ministry for Primary Industries
    PO Box 2526
    Wellington 6140
    Phone 04-894 0515
    Fax 04-894 0731

2. MPI will:

  • Ensure the notification of the PHSIN is issued and emailed within two working days of MPI receiving a completed application form and application fee or within 10 working days when contact with this information is only available by post.

Note 1: Where a PHSIN is required urgently any additional cost involved in this processing will be charged to the applicant.

Cancellation of Registration

PHSINs are cancelled where:

  • Registration was issued in error.
  • The PHSIN has not been used in the last 12 months.
  • The holder requests cancellation.
  • The annual renewal fee is unpaid within one month of expiry (please contact MPI directly for confirmation of this date as it is applicable to the individual company).

Page last updated: 21 June 2016