New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card

Every passenger entering New Zealand is required to fill in the New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card (PAC).

Since the end of June 2010, passengers have begun to see a new version of the PAC. It does away with the notes section creating a much smaller, streamlined card, while still collecting all essential passenger information.

The information collected from the cards is used by nine different agencies including MAF, Customs, Immigration, Statistics, Police, and the Ministries of Health, Justice, Tourism and Transport. The data plays a vital role in border security, but is also used for data matching, statistics and other purposes authorised by law.

Translations of the cards are available below and on the Customs (offsite link to website. The translations can be used as a resource to assist you with completing the PAC.

Please note that these forms are displayed for information purposes only and cannot be used as a downloaded version.


Page last updated: 19 September 2014