Going to other countries

We travel or send things overseas for a variety of reasons. Information in this section includes biosecurity information for:

When you are travelling overseas it's always good to know what you can bring back with you – so you are not buying souvenirs or items that you may not be able to bring into New Zealand. For a list of these restricted items see What You Must Declare (offsite link to mpi.govt.nz)

You will also need to be familiar with the requirements of the country or countries you are visiting or sending items to, as they may be different from the New Zealand requirements. Contact the Consulate concerned for up-to-date information on import requirements for your destination. See also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (offsite link to www.mfat.govt.nz) website’s travel section.

If you wish to commercially export from New Zealand see the Standards and Regulations, Exports section (offsite link to www.mpi.govt.nz).  

Page last updated: 19 October 2015