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The Animal Products (Export Requirements – Cats and Dogs) Notice 2012 will come into effect on 1 September 2012.

This notice makes it mandatory for all cats and dogs exported from New Zealand that require an official assurance to be microchipped prior to being presented for certification.

If there are any tests or treatments that need to be completed as part of the official assurance then the animal must be microchipped prior to these and the microchip number recorded on all documentation.

Microchips should be ISO-compliant or a reader capable of reading the microchip would need to be provided by the exporter/owner.

Due to the nature of microchips it is recommended, in cases where animals have been microchipped several years prior, to have the microchip scanned and confirmed prior to the certification appointment, as sometimes they move or become unreadable.

All pets exported out of New Zealand must meet the requirements of the importing country. The Ministry for Primary Industries has negotiated export requirements and certificates for most animals. Export requirements describe the contents of an export certificate.  Certificates are forms that need to be completed, are signed off by official veterinarians, and travel with your pet.

Pets being taken out of New Zealand may also require an Animal Welfare Export Certificate (AWEC) that includes checking the pet’s welfare is provided for.

Search for the export requirements for the pet you wish to take or send overseas.

Here are the common destinations people are taking their pets to:

Information on commercial exporting of live animals , germplasm, or livestock.

Returning with your pet from overseas

Learn about the import requirements before you export your pet from New Zealand. Sometimes it is harder to return your pet back into New Zealand than it is to leave.

You can find this information in the Your Pets section:

Or contact the Animal Imports Team on:

Taking your pet overseas

An authorised person (official veterinarian) completes the export certificate.

An animal Welfare Export Certificate (AWEC) may also need to be completed by the authorised person (official veterinarian).

A registered pet exporter can organise the relocation of your pet. Some airlines will not deal directly with the public and require the use of a pet exporter. Contact your airline for their requirements.

Animal Products (Export Requirements - Cats and Dogs) Notice 2012 Link to PDF document (54 KB) - Microchipping has been made mandatory for the export of all cats and dogs from NZ that requires an official assurance for the purpose of ensuring accurate identification of the animal

MPI Verification Services (Live Animal Sector) can organise an authorised person (official veterinarian) to sign the export certificate and AWEC prior to export if you are not using a pet exporter. Their contact details are:

Ph: 09 909 2706

Ph: 04 894 4208

Ph: 03 943 1777

Costs of exporting your pet overseas

The Ministry for Primary Industries suggests you talk to a registered pet exporter and airline for an indication of the full costs involved.

A fee schedule is available for the costs charged.

Further help

Contact the Animal Exports Team on:

Page last updated: 15 June 2012