Personal Travellers

If you want to export from New Zealand on a commercial basis, see the Standards and Regulations, Exporting section (offsite link to of our site.

When you are leaving or sending things out of New Zealand

When taking things out of New Zealand, particularly animal or plant matter, you need to be aware of the biosecurity measures you are likely to face when you enter the country you are visiting. Contact the Consulate of the country you are travelling to for up-to-date information on their import requirements. You may also want to consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (offsite link to website’s travel section for additional information.

Your belongings

We have qualified biosecurity inspectors who can help with your enquiries. Phone 0800 00 83 33 or email your enquiries to MPI border clearance services (offsite link to

Plants or Plant Products: If you wish to take non commercial plant or plant products out of New Zealand they may require a Phytosanitary (plant health) Certificate. To make arrangements for it to be inspected call on 0800 00 83 33. If in an acceptable condition a certificate will be issued, which you will be required to show upon arrival in the country of destination.

Animals or Animal Products: If you wish to take non commercial animals or animal products out of New Zealand please call 0800 00 83 33 for advice on the requirements.

When temporarily leaving New Zealand keep in mind what items might prove difficult to bring back here, i.e. anything that would be considered a biosecurity risk. Refer to What You Must Declare (offsite link to for information about risk goods. This includes anything you take overseas from New Zealand and then try to bring back into the country.

Your mail

For information about sending items overseas by mail, please visit the NZ Post website (offsite link to Generally, you cannot send anything in the post that is illegal, explosive, dangerous, destructive, inadequately packaged or contains cash.

Page last updated: 6 January 2015