Plants & Plant Products

When taking or sending plant or plant products out of New Zealand, you need to be aware of the biosecurity measures you are likely to encounter at the country you are visiting or posting them to. You should contact the Consulate concerned for up-to-date information on import requirements for your destination. See also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (offsite link to website's travel section.

If the goods require an IPC (International Phytosanitary Certificate), you must bring the produce to the MPI Aircargo Clearance Centre. A booking is necessary to ensure the appropriate staff will be available. Please phone + 64 9 909 8631 to make an inspection or for further enquiries. These goods will be inspected and, if in acceptable condition, you will receive an IPC signed by an authorised Quarantine Officer to show to the Agriculture Department upon arrival in the country of destination.

Commercial Exporter can find additional information in the Standards and Regulations-Exporting Plants section of this site.

Page last updated: 30 April 2012