Import Health Standards Search

Import Health Standards (IHSs) are documents issued under Section 22(1) of the Biosecurity Act 1993. They state the requirements that must be met before risk goods can be imported into New Zealand.

Additional Standards (which may not located within the IHS Search) can be found in the Transitional Facilities sections of this site.

See a list of all Import Health Standards

This search tool will locate the IHSs for all plants and plant products, including forest produce such as timber, animals and animal products and other commodities that may harbour organisms that are biosecurity risks such as vehicles. The search does not cover facility standards.

To locate the information for a particular commodity from a particular country it may be necessary to also search the relevant IHS. In particular, for all nursery stock and seeds for sowing the Biosecurity Index must be searched to find the appropriate schedule in the nursery stock IHS or the seeds for sowing IHS that covers the requirements for the commodity from a particular exporting country.

It is important to read the introductory information in an IHS as well as the requirements in the specific schedule for the commodity.

Search function

Enter a commodity e.g. dog, Tulipa, fishing tackle, Persea americana, fruit, cars. Commodity words are not case sensitive. Part of a word can be entered. If you know the MAF quick code it can be entered into the commodity field and part of the code can be entered.

Select a country from the drop down list or leave blank to select any country.

Recommended that for plants only the genus for the commodity be entered e.g. Iris and not Iris xiphium.

Recommended that for plants where a country is entered and no results obtained that the genus be entered without the country and the information for the genus located in the IHS itself to find country information.

If a search for a genus does not produce results the reason could be:

  • The genus is misspelled - try entering part of the genus name.
  • All species in the genus are prohibited entry or require assessment. For seeds for sowing and nursery stock refer to the Biosecurity Index.
  • The species within the genus are not present in New Zealand and application to import must be made to EPA and a schedule within the IHS or an IHS developed for the commodity.