New NAIT regulations to come into effect

21 December 2012

New regulations to support compliance with the National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) scheme and protect the privacy of NAIT stakeholders will come into effect on 10 January 2013.

The NAIT scheme covers cattle and deer and forms a key line of defense against the potential spread and economic impact of any animal disease outbreak.

The new regulations, which were developed after a public consultation, set out a range of infringements that relate to stakeholders not complying with requirements under the scheme. Twelve of these carry a $150 fee and an additional infringement, for those who do not register with the scheme, carries a $300 fee.

The new regulations also establish a panel to consider applications for access to the NAIT information system. The panel will provide an objective and transparent process to assess applications for data and decide them on their merits. The highest infringement fee of $1000, is reserved for people who do not comply with conditions set by the panel on access to, or release of, NAIT information.

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Director - Preparedness and Partnerships, David Hayes, says the infringements are just one of a number of ways to help compliance.

“The focus of the scheme is on education, assistance and direction. That approach will work with the vast majority of people. Infringements give us another way to enhance compliance,” Mr Hayes says.

He says the scheme also has “built-in incentives” for industry because it provides direct and indirect benefit to farmers.

“The already high levels of compliance with the scheme boosts MPI’s ability to respond quickly to disease outbreaks and underpins the official assurances that New Zealand gives to its international trade partners.”

The new regulations join a suite of other regulations passed to date which provide the detail on how to meet requirements of the NAIT Act. They cover obligations and exemptions, levy types and various fees and forms.

The new regulations setting out infringements are here: (offsite link to

The new regulations establishing the panel are here. (offsite link to


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  • Why do we need the NAIT scheme?
    The efficiency of a country’s animal identification and tracing system is an important factor in limiting the spread, and reducing the economic impact, of a disease outbreak. Having a world-recognised animal identification and tracing scheme enhances New Zealand’s trading reputation.

    New Zealand’s existing animal identification schemes (such as the National Pest Management Strategy for bovine TB run by the Animal Health Board) currently meet the objectives for which they were established. However, they do not constitute a complete animal identification and tracing system of animal movements and locations at an individual level, and will not meet New Zealand’s anticipated future requirements.

  • How does NAIT improve New Zealand's biosecurity?
    The NAIT scheme enables the location of cattle and deer to be traced much faster than existing manual systems. The electronic NAIT information system provides more reliable and up-to-date information on individual animal movements, allowing NAIT and MPI to respond quickly in the event of a biosecurity or animal health threat. This will improve New Zealand's biosecurity surveillance and response efficiency.