Banana passionfruit

Passiflora tripartita (all subspecies)

Banana passionfruit

Banana passionfruit

Legal Status: Unwanted Organism - DOC
Status in New Zealand: Established
Organism: Land plants

This species is widespread in New Zealand.


Passiflora mollissima


Banana passionfruit is very similar to Northern banana passionfruit. See the previous page for how to distinguish the two species.


Banana passionfruit is an aggressively invasive tropical vine native to the Andes that invades disturbed areas. Its effects include the smothering of trees, a reduction in biodiversity and the encouragement of invasive species such as feral pigs, which feed on the fruit.

What to do

Contact your regional council to determine the status of this species and responsibility for control and/or advice on control.

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