Didymosphenia geminata



Legal Status: Unwanted Organism - MPI
Status in New Zealand: Investigating
Organism: Marine and freshwater plants

This section is for organisations who have responsibilities for monitoring and managing didymo in their regions as part of the didymo long-term management programme Link to PDF document (135 KB).

Partners include Fish and Game New Zealand (offsite link to www.fishandgame.org.nz), Department of Conservation (offsite link to www.doc.govt.nz), Iwi, impacted industries and regional councils throughout New Zealand.

Didymo Knowledge Sharing

MAFBNZ has developed a State Services Commission (SSC) workspace for long term management partners to use for discussion forums to share ideas and information about didymo. The workspace was available from May 2008.

Didymo Stakeholder Updates

Didymo Samples Database

The didymo samples database is an internet based system where partners record all didymo sampling results taken throughout New Zealand. The database includes both negative and positive results, and sample locations that are displayed on a map.

Read only access is available to anyone using the username Didymo and password didymosamples1.

Write access to the database is password protected. Please email didymo@maf.govt.nz to enquire about obtaining a username and password.

Sample Collection and Analysis Protocols

Operational protocols have been developed in association with MAF BNZ's didymo research and surveillance programmes for use by partners in the didymo long-term management programme. The sampling and analysis protocols should be followed to ensure quality assurance of data for the Didymo Samples Database.

To download the protocols visit the didymo protocols section.