Carpobrotus edulis & hybrids



Legal Status: Unwanted Organism - BNZ
Status in New Zealand: Established
Organism: Land plants


Iceplant is a low-growing perennial with fleshy succulent leaves 7-12 cm long. Large (up to 10 cm diameter) many-petalled yellow flowers can be produced year-round but are most common from October to February. Flowers are followed by fleshy fruit. Hybrid plants are slightly smaller with pink, orange, yellow or whitish flowers. Hybrid plants do not form seeds but spread by stem fragments.


Iceplant forms mats over sand dunes and open areas, displacing other vegetation. It can also change the structure of sand dunes. The South African iceplant species (Carpobrotus edulis) hybridises with and replaces the much smaller pink-flowered native iceplant (Disphyma australe).

What to do

Contact your regional council to determine the status of this species and responsibility for control and/or advice on control.

Page last updated: 22 October 2008