Monkey apple

Syzygium smithii

Monkey apple

Monkey apple

Legal Status: Unwanted Organism - DOC
Status in New Zealand: Established
Organism: Land plants


Eugenia smithii, Syzygium smithii


Monkey apple is a tree, 6-20 m tall, which grows in forest, scrub and shrub-lands. It has glossy oval leaves which are aromatic when crushed, whitish flowers, and berry-like fruit that are white or pink-mauve.


Birds disperse the abundant seed, spreading it into nearby native forest. Seedlings are shade-tolerant and form dense carpets. They can grow rapidly into long-lived canopy trees, outcompeting native trees.

What to do

Contact your regional council to determine the status of this species and responsibility for control and/or advice on control.

Page last updated: 14 January 2010