Unwanted Organisms Register

An "unwanted organism" is defined in the Biosecurity Act 1993 as any organism a chief technical officer believes capable of causing unwanted harm to any natural and physical resources or human health.

It also includes any new organism the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has declined approval to import, or any organism specified in the Second Schedule of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996.

While MPI, or another department, has no obligation to act against an unwanted organism simply because it has that status, MPI must be satisfied that goods or organisms given biosecurity clearance show no signs of harbouring unwanted organisms. It is however, an offence to breed, knowingly communicate, exhibit, multiply, propagate, release, or sell, an unwanted organism, unless permission is obtained from a chief technical officer.

If you are seeking permission to breed, knowingly communicate, exhibit, multiply, propagate, release, or sell, an unwanted organism application information is available at the following link:

MPI keeps a register of all unwanted organisms, including notifiable organisms.

Search the Register

The unwanted organisms register is required by the Biosecurity Act.

All the search fields are optional. The more fields you fill in, the more specific the search. Once an organism is located, its details can be viewed by clicking on the scientific name (blue text). Only those organisms that are currently unwanted organisms will appear in the search results.

Narrow your selection as much as possible. Some search criteria return large amounts of data which can cause the system to timeout.

Creating a Spreadsheet

Search result lists of organisms can be imported into a spreadsheet such as Excel 97 by checking the "Make spreadsheet data" box,copying the data, then pasting into Excel by selecting from the edit menu paste special - text. Once the data is in Excel select data, text to columns. Choose "delimited" data and set the delimiter to "comma".

Search Guide

Organism name: Enter scientific name, synonym name or common name in this field

Classification: Enter class, order or family in this field

Type: Select the type of organism that you wish to search for

Government Dept: This is the government department whose Chief Technical Officer is responsible for determining the organism unwanted

CTO: This is the Chief Technical Officer that determined the organism unwanted

Category: This is the category of the Unwanted Organisms Policy which sets the criteria for determining an organism to be an unwanted organism, and includes whether or not the organism is a notifiable organism.

Page last updated: 24 August 2015