Aircraft & Airports

Disinsection of aircraft

MPI and the Ministry of Health require aircraft to be "disinsected" for invertebrates that may be pests or vectors of animal, plant or human disease. Surveys have conclusively shown that international aircraft present a pathway for hitch-hiking invertebrates.

Australia and New Zealand have a joint procedure for the disinsection of aircraft arriving from overseas.

Refuse disposal

For requirements for quarantine refuse disposal refer to the Standard for General Transitional Facilities for Uncleared Goods (MPI-STD-TFGEN) (offsite link to The guidance document to the standard contains information on disposal of refuse at flight kitchens for quarantine waste or at incineration/ steam sterilisation facilities.

Arrival to an airport not approved as a Place of First Arrival

If you plan to arrive at an airport that is not listed as a place of first arrival or does not have approval to receive the type of craft you wish to bring in, then - permission must be sought and approved by the Director-General of MPI or a delegate prior to the arrival. Permission from other government agencies (i.e Customs NZ, etc.) is also required. 

Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and should be made on a multi-agency application form (offsite link to (New Zealand Customs Service, 419 KB DOC)

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Page last updated: 23 March 2015