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Please note that all official assurances or export certificates issued on or after 1 March 2013 must refer to the Ministry for Primary Industries or MPI as the issuing authority.

All export certificate templates available from this website are currently being updated with the changes. While this is occurring the search results may contain a mixture of both old and new templates, or not return the expected results.

Please contact the Animal Exports team if you have any queries.

This section contains export requirements for live animals and animal germplasm to overseas countries, which may include disease freedom status, testing and treatments, health certification, transport and the need for permits.

Access to export certificate templates is available upon application to semen centre and embryo team veterinarians and registered exporters.

For further information, please contact Export Group (animals) animalexports@mpi.govt.nz (see contact details to the right of the page).

You may enter a commodity, animal, country or a combination to search.

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Exporters must also make sure they comply with requirements of other regulatory or advisory bodies associated with exporting commodities, such as the Department of Conservation and Customs.

Please note that commercial exporters of animals and reproductive material must be registered as exporters under the Animal Products Act: To become a registered exporter complete the Exporter registration - AP1 application form. Owners exporting live animals for non-commercial reasons, such as the owners of pet cats or dogs, are not required to be registered.

This webpage is updated regularly, but overseas countries' import conditions can change quickly and MPI may not immediately be informed about changes. Definitive conditions should be provided by the importing country at the time of issuance of the import permit. Where import permit conditions do not agree with those in the latest export certificate published by MPI, Export Group (Animals) of MPI must be advised prior to export so that re-negotiations can be undertaken and changes made where necessary. If an import permit is not required, the onus is on the exporter to ensure that the import requirements still match the relevant export requirements.

If negotiations are required or new market access is requested which requires cost recovery you should complete the Request for Services Form and return this to the Animal Export Team with your request.