Republic of Korea General Requirements

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General Information

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The requirements listed in this ICPR apply to product of New Zealand only, unless specifically stated.

As there are no New Zealand legislative requirements for certification of exported plant products, the technical phytosanitary requirements are determined by the importing country for plant produce being imported into their country. In this respect, ICPRs are MPI’s summary of the importing country’s legal requirements and thus forms a basis upon which export phytosanitary certification is provided.

Where an importing country operates on the basis of issuing import permits to their importers, the import permit conditions take precedence over any technical conditions contained in the MPI ICPR for that country.

This standard specifies South Korea’s phytosanitary import requirements for plant products being exported from New Zealand. If a commodity or commodity group is not identified within this ICPR exporters should contact:

  • South Korea directly in order to ascertain requirements


  • Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand (MPI). (Plant Exports)

Please note, the determination and provision of phytosanitary requirements, for a commodity not identified within an ICPR, is undertaken on a cost recovery basis. A link to the list of Plant Exports Fees and Charges is available on

Users of this document are strongly advised to review all sections of the ICPR for the determination of a commodity’s phytosanitary requirements.

Phytosanitary Legislation

The following legislation controls the importation of plants and plant materials into South Korea:

Plant Protection Act

General Requirements


Scientific Name   Common Name Plant Part Prohibited
  Soil  All, including plants that soil is attached to
  Fresh fruits (including vegetable fruits)  Refer to Commodity Specific Requirements for exceptions to prohibition
Agropyron spp.   Wheat grass  Stems, leaves and processed goods
Calystegia spp.  Bindweed  Vines, stems, and fresh underground parts
Capsicum annuum Capsicum Fresh vegetable
Dioscorea spp.  Yam  Vines, stems, and fresh underground parts
Fabaceae  Beans  Fresh vegetable
Hordeum spp  Barley  Stems, leaves and processed goods
Ipomoea spp.  Sweet potato  Vines, stems, and fresh underground parts
Juglans spp.  Walnut  Fruit and kernel
Malaceae    Plants for planting (excluding seeds), including scions and cuttings and fresh fruits
Malus domestica Apple Fresh fruit
Manihot spp.  Cassava  Vines, stems, and fresh underground parts
Oryza spp.  Rice  Unhulled, chaff, rice straw, and processed rice (except hulled rice)
Pharbitis spp.   Japanese morning glory Vines, stems, and fresh underground parts
Pyrus spp Pear Fresh fruit
Secale spp.   Rye Stems, leaves and processed goods
Solanaceae    Fruits, fresh vines, stems and leaves. True potato seeds and tomato seeds.
Triticum spp  Wheat  Stems, leaves and processed goods
Prunus spp.    Plants for planting (excluding seeds), including scions and cuttings
Rubus spp.  Brambles  Plants for planting (excluding seeds), including scions and cuttings and fresh fruits
Vitis spp.   Grape Plants for planting (excluding seeds) including scions and cuttings

Phytosanitary Import Permits

Phytosanitary import permits state the phytosanitary requirements for importation

Phytosanitary import permits and conditions of import may be requested from:

Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine and Inspection Agency (QIA)
Export Management Divison
178 Anyangno, Manan-Gu, Anyang-Si
Gyeonggi-Do 430-016
Republic of Korea

Tel: 82-31-420-7681
Website: (offsite link to
Alternative contacts: (offsite link to

Phytosanitary Certificates

All phytosanitary certificates regardless of commodity type require:

  • The “inspection date” is to be stated in the inspection date field on the phytosanitary certificate and is prior to the departure date.

 the following 'generic' additional declaration to be endorsed upon the certificate. Note where applicable, additional declarations identified within this document for specific commodities must also be stated upon the certificate.

Note: where applicable, additional declarations identified within this document for specific commodities must be stated upon the certificate.

Phytosanitary certificates are generally required for all plants and plant products with the exception of the following:

  • Plants or plant products immersed and / or preserved in chemicals, salt, sugar, oil or other preservative materials
  • Wooden or bamboo products that can be used without re-processing
  • Processed products in the form of fiber products such as cotton, hemp cloth, paper, string or net
  • Plants or plant products processed to the extent that harmful plant pests can be killed and / or eliminated, and then packed to prevent re-infestation
  • Plants that are imported by traveler’s in their luggage
  • Plants that are imported in checked in luggage or over-seas moving freight that are intended for personal use and not for breeding or re-planting purposes.
  • Plants that are imported by mail
  • Plants and harmful pests that are imported for the purpose of research
  • Plants that are processed by high temperature, drying, grinding, pressing, or freezing and which are within sealed packages, to meet the standard prescribed by the Director General of Korea’s National Plant Quarantine Organization
  • Pellets of cotton seed hull and soy bean hulls, soy bean oil cake, shelled nuts which are vacuum-packaged & sealed, dried alfalfa cube, malt of grain
  • Frozen plants or plant products

Quarantine Pests

List 1   

Summary of quarantine pests (specifically insects) which have either been recorded as being present in New Zealand, or where status is unknown.

Refer Appendix 1 for the complete list of Korea’s quarantine pests

Acremoniella atra  
Acremonium diospyri Persimmon wilt
Acremonium strictum Acremonium wilt
Alternaria dianthicola Carnation bud rot
Aphanomyces euteiches Root rot
Ascochyta corticola Bark boltch
Ascochyta sorghi Rough leaf spot
Aureobasidium zeae Eye spot
Bipolaris cynodontis Leaf blotch
Bipolaris portulacae Damping off
Bipolaris sorghicola Target leaf spot
Blumeriella Jaapii Leaf spot
Botryodiplodia hypodermia Canker, Die-back
Botryosphaeria parva Stalk and fruit rot
Botryosphaeria sp.  
Botryosphaeria stevensii Diplodia canker
Botrytis anthophila  
Capnodium citri Sooty mold
Centrospora acerina Black crown rot
Ceratocystis fimbriata Canker stain of plane
Ceratocystis paradoxa Black head
Ceratocystis ulmi Sapstreak
Cercospora duddiae Cercospora leaf spot
Cercosporella rubi Rossette disease
Cerotelium fici Spruce broom rust
Chalaropsis thielavioides Black mold
Chrysomyxa abietis Spruce neddle rust
Chrysomyxa arctostaphyli Needle rust
Ciborinia camelliae Flower blight
Cochliobolus carbonum Leaf spot
Cochliobolus spicifer Bipolaris disease
Cochliobolus victoriae Victoria leaf blight
Coleosporium ipomoeae Needle rust
Coprinus micaceus White rot
Corticium galactinum White root rot
Corticium salmonicolor Pink disease
Cronartium comandrae Sweet fern blister rust
Cronartium comptoniae Southern fusiform rust
Cryptostroma corticale Sooty bark disease
Curvularia eragrostidis  
Curvularia ovoidea  
Curvularia verruculosa Leaf spot
Deightoniella torulosa Speckle
Diaporthe actinidiae Stem-end decay
Diaporthe sp.  
Didymella applanata Spur blight
Didymella ligulicola Ray blight
Didymella lycopersici Stem rot
Dilophospora alopecuri Twist of grasses
Diplodia maydis Diplodia stalk rot
Drechslera iridis Ink disease
Drechslera sacchari Eye spot
Drechslera tritici-repentis Yellow leaf spot
Elsinoe australis Scab
Elsinoe batatas Leaf and stem scab
Elsinoe piri Anthracnose
Endocronartium harknessii Western gall rust
Entyloma calendulae f. sp. Dahliae Leaf spot
Erysiphe betae Powdery mildew
Eutypa armeniacae Eytypa dieback
Exobasidium vexans [teleomorph] Blister blight of tea
Exserohilum rostratum Leaf spot
Fusarium culmorum Seedling blight
Fusarium oxysporum var. redolens Root rot
Fusarium poae kernel rot, White head
Fusarium semitectum var. majus  
Fusarium solani f. sp. Cucurbitae Fusarium foot rot
Fusicoccum amygdale Fusicoccum canker
Fusicoccum luteum Fruit rot
Fusicoccum sp.  
Ganoderma lucidum White root
Gibberella cyanogena  
Gloeotinia temulenta Blind seed disease
Gnomonia comari Leaf brotch
Gymnoconia nitens Orange rust
Gymnosporangium clavipes Quince rust
Gymnosporangium confusum Medlar rust
Gymnosporangium fuscum European pear rust
Gymnosporangium globosum American hawthorn rust
Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae Cedar-apple rust
Gymnosporangium kernianum Kern's pear rust
Gymnosporangium nelsonii Rocky mountain pear rust
Hendersonula toruloidea Branch wilt
Hypoxylon mammatum Hypoxylon canker
Hypoxylon mediterraneum Charcoal disease
Inonotus hispidus Heart rot
Lachnellula willkommii Lach canker
Laetisaria fuciformis Red thread
Leptosphaeria sp.  
Leptosphaerulina briosiana Leaf spot
Lophodermium sp.  
Marssonina panattoniana Anthracnose
Melampsora medusae Popular rust
Merulius ravenelii Wood rot
Microstroma juglandis Leaf spot
Mucor piriformis Mucor rot
Mucor racemosus Mucor rot
Mycosphaerella brassicicola Ring spot
Mycosphaerella citri Greasy spot
Mycosphaerella linicola Pasmo disease
Mycosphaerella musicola Sigitoka disease
Mycosphaerella ribis Leaf spot
Mycovellosiella concors Cercospora leaf blotch
Myrothecium roridum  
Nectria coccinea Beech bark disease
Nectria galligena Nectria canker
Nectria rigidiuscula [teleomorph] Cushion gall disease
Nectriella pironii Sterm gall and canker
Periconia circinata Foot rot
Peronospora viciae Downy mildew:legumes
Pestalotia theae Ring spot
Pestalotiopsis disseminata  
Pestalotiopsis mangiferae Gray leaf spot
Pestalotiopsis versicolor  
Pezicula alba Fruit spot
Pezicula malicorticis Anthracnose
Pezizella oenotherae syn. Hainesia lythri Tan brown rot
Phacidiopycnis pseudotsugae Twig die-back canker
Phacidiopycnis tuberivora Dry rot
Phellinus igniarius Esca
Phellinus pomaceus Heart rot
Phialophora cinerescens Phialophora wilt
Phialophora malorum Side rot
Phialophora parasitica Vascular wilt
Phlyctema caulium Fruit spot
Phoma exigua Leaf spot
Phoma exigua var. exigua Gangrene
Phoma exigua var. foveata  
Phoma flaccida Excoriosis
Phoma glomerata Fruit spot
Phoma kakivora Phoma spot
Phoma medicaginis var. pinodella Clover black stem
Phoma terrestris Pink rot
Phomopsis obscurans Leaf blight
Phomopsis padina Cherry canker
Phomopsis sclerotioides Black rot
Phragmidium mucronatum Rust
Phragmidium tuberculatum Rust
Phyllachora sacchari Tar spot
Phyllosticta capitalensis Leaf spot
Phyllosticta solitaria Apple blotch
Physoderma alfalfa Crown wart
Physoderma maydis Brown spot
Phytophthora cinnamomi Root and fruit rot
Phytophthora citricola Orange brwon rot
Phytophthora heveae Pod rot
Phytophthora hibernalis Leaf blight
Phytopthora kernoviae  
Phytophthora lateralis Root rot of Lawson's cypress
Phytophthora megasperma Root and stem rot
Phytophthora porri Leek downy mildew
Phytophthora syringae Twig blight and wilt
Phytopthora megasperma f. sp. Glycines Root and stem rot
Pithomyces chartarum Glume blotch
Plenodomus destruens Foot rot
Polyscytalum pustulans Skin spot
Pseudocercospora punicae  
Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides Eye spot
Pseudopeziza medicaginis Common leaf spot
Puccinia antirrhini Rust
Puccinia asparagi Asparagus rust
Puccinia dioicae Rust
Puccinia melanocephala Sugarcane common rust
Puccinia pittieriana Rust
Pyrenochaeta lycopersici Corky root rot
Pyrenophora tritici-repentis Tan spot
Pythium echinulatum Root rot
Pythium mamillatum Dampping-off
Pythium splendens Pre emergence blight
Pythium vexans Seed and seeding blight
Rosellinia bunodes Black root rot
Scirrhia pini Red band needle blight
Scytinostroma galactinum White root rot
Seimatosporium lichenicola Berry spot
Septocyta ruborum Purple blotch
Septoria citri Spot
Septoria dianthi Septoria leaf spot
Septoria leucanthemi Leaf spot
Septoria passerinii Leaf blotch
Septoria sp.  
Setosphaeria rostrata Leaf spot
Sphaerostilbe repens Violet root rot
Stictis radiata  
Stromatinia gladioli Dry rot
Taphrina bullata  
Taphrina communis Leaf blister
Tilletia indica Kernal bunt
Tilletia tritici Smut
Tilletia walkeri  
Tolyposporium penicillariae Pearl millet smut
Tubakia dryina Lubakia dryina
Ulocladium consortiale Mouldy core
Urocystis occulta Flag smut
Uromyces gladioli Gladiolus rust
Uromyces transversalis Gladiolus rust
Ustilago bullata Head smut
Ustulina deusta Collar rot
Venturia cerasi Cherry scab
Verticillium tricorpus Verticillium wilt
Pseudomonas syringae pv. Persicae Bacterial dieback
Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. aurantifolii Citrus Canker
Xanthomonas campestris pv. Poinsettiicola  
Xanthomonas fragariae Angula leaf spot
Apple decline Phytoplasma Apple decline
Apricot chlorotic leafroll Phytoplasma Apricot chlorotic leafroll
Aster yellow phytoplasma "Apical leafroll, Blue ste
Cadidatus phytoplasma pini  
Cherry albino Phytoplasma Cherry albino
Elm phloem necrosis Phytoplasma Elm phloem necrosis
Peach phony Phytoplasma Phony peach
Peach X disease Phytoplasma Peach X disease
Peach yellow Phytoplasma Peach yellows
Pear decline Phytoplasma Pear decline
Phlm lethal yellowing phytoplasma  
Phytoplasma australiense  
Potato witches` broom phytoplasma Potato stolbur MLO
Rice yellow dwarf phytoplasma Pedi Jantan
Rubus stunt Phytoplasma Rubus stunt
Spiroplasma citri Saglio et al. Stubborn, Little leaf
Strawberry witches's broom phytoplasma Wiches` broom of strawberry
Walnut bunch Phytoplasma Wulnut witches`-broom
Abutilon mosaic virus Abutilon mosaic virus
Andean potato latent virus Andean potato latent virus
Andean potato mottle virus Andean potato mottle virus
Apple necrosis virus Apple necrosis virus
Apple rubbery wood disease Apple rubbery wood disease
Arabis mosaic virus Arabis mosaic virus
Artichoke Italian latent virus Artichoke Italian latent virus
Banana bunchy top virus Banana bunchy top virus
Bean golden mosaic virus Bean golden mosaic virus
Beet curly top virus Beet curly top virus
Beet mild yellowing virus Beet mild yellowing
Beet western yellows virus Beet western yellows virus
Carnation etched ring virus Carnation etched ring virus
Carnation necrotic fleck virus Carnation necrotic fleck virus
Carnation ringspot virus Carnation ringspot virus
Carnation vein mottle virus Carnation vein mottle virus
Carrot red leaf virus Carrot red leaf virus
Cherry leaf roll virus Cherry leaf roll virus
Cherry necrotic rusty mottle virus Cherry necrotic rusty mottle virus
Cherry rasp leaf virus Cherry rasp leaf
Citrus cristacortis disease Citrus cristacortis disease
Citrus impietratura disease Citrus impietratura disease
Citrus leprosis virus Citrus leprosis virus
Citrus psorosis virus Citrus psorosis virus
Citrus ringspot virus Citrus ringspot virus
Citrus vein enation-woody gall virus Citrus vein enation-woody gall virus
Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus
Cowpea mild mottle virus Cowpea mild mottle virus
Foxtail mosaic virus  
Fragaria chiloensis virus Fragaria chiloensis virus
Grapevine fanleaf virus Grapevine fanleaf virus
Impatiens necrotic spot virus Impatiens necrotic spot virus
Iris yellow spot tospovirus Iris yellow spot tospovirus
La France disease  
Little cherry virus Little cherry
Lychnis ringspot virus  
Maize streak virus Maize streak virus
Melon necrotic spot virus Melon necrotic spot virus
Pea enation mosaic virus Pea enation mosaic virus
Peach rosette mosaic virus Peach rosette mosaic virus
Peach wart virus Peach wart virus
Peanut clump virus Peanut clump virus
Peanut stripe virus syn. Groundnut stripe virus Peanut stripe virus
Pepino mosaic virus Pepino mosaic virus
Plum line pattern virus Plum line pattern virus
Potato aucuba mosaic virus Potato aucuba mosaic virus
Potato mop-top virus Potato mop-top virus
Potato virus T Potato virus T
Potato yellow dwarf virus Potato yellow dwarf virus
Prune dwarf virus Prune dwarf virus
Radish yellow edge virus Radish yellow edge virus
Raspberry ringspot virus Raspberry ringspot virus
Rice stripe necrosis benyvirus Rice stripe necrosis benyvirus
Shallot latent virus Shallot latent virus
Southern bean mosaic virus Southern bean mosaic virus
Spinach latent virus  
Squash mosaic virus Squash mosaic virus
Strawberry latent ringspot virus Strawberry latent ringspot virus
Strawberry pallidosis virus Strawberry pallidosis virus
Sweet potato mild mottle virus Sweet potato mild mottle virus
Sweet potato vein mosaic virus Sweet potato vein mosaic virus
Sweet potato yellow dwarf virus Sweet potato yellow dwarf virus
Tobacco etch virus Tobacco etch virus
Tobacco necrosis virus Tobacco necrosis virus
Tobacco rattle virus Tobacco rattle virus
Tobacco ringspot virus Tobacco ringspot virus
Tobacco streak virus Tobacco streak virus
Tomato black ring virus Tomato black ring virus
Tomato bushy stunt virus Tomato bushy stunt virus
Tomato yellow leaf curl virus Tomato yellow leaf curl virus
Wheat high plains virus Wheat high plains virus
Wheat streak mosaic virus Wheat streak mosaic virus
White clover mosaic virus White clover mosaic virus
Chrysanthemum stunt viroid Chrysanthemum stunt viroid

Acanthoscelides obtectus

Agrypnus variabilis

Aonidiella aurantii

Aphis pomi

Arhopalus ferus

Aspidiotus nerii

Bemisia argentifolii

Bemisia tabaci

Blaniulus guttulatus

Brachycaudus persicae
Brentiscerus putoni

Bruchophagus roddi

Caliroa cerasi

Capua intractana

Ceratothrips frici

Ceroplastes destructor

Ceroplastes sinensis

Chaetosiphon fragaefolii

Chromatomyia syngenesiae

Cnephasia jactatana

Coccus longulus

Conoderus exsul


Costelytra zealandica

Cryptolestes pusilloides


Ctenopseustis herana

Ctenopseustis obliquana 

Dasineura mali

Dasineura pyri

Diasemia grammalis

Dictyotus caenosus

Dieuches notatus

Dinoderus minutus

Dysaphis tulipae

Dysmicoccus brevipes

Endrosis sarcitrella

Epiphyas postvittana

Eriococcus coccineus

Eriococcus coriaceus

Eriosoma pyricola

Eudonia paltomacha

Eudonia psammitis


Gonipterus scutellatus

Graphania mutans

Graphognathus leucoloma

Harmologa amplexana

Harmologa oblongana

Hemiberlesia rapax

Hercinothrips bicinctus

Heteronychus arator

Hylurgus ligniperda

Hypoponera punctatissima

Irenimus parilis

Lepidosaphes beckii

Leptopius squalidus

Limothrips cerealium

Lindingaspis rossi

Lipaphis erysimi

Listroderes difficilis

Listronotus bonariensis

Longitarsus fuliginosus

Mitrastethus baridioides

Myzus ascalonicus

Myzus ornatus

Nasonovia ribis-nigri

Nesothrips propinquus

Nysius huttoni

Oemona hirta

Orchamoplatus citri

Orocrambus spp.

Oryzaephilus mercator

Otiorhynchus ovatus

Otiorhynchus sulcatus

Pachybrachius inornatus

Pantomorus cervinus
syn. Asynonychus cervinus

Philaenus spumarius

Phoracantha recurva


Pseudanaphothrips achaetus

Pseudococcus affinis
Pseudococcus calceolariae

Pseudococcus longispinus

Pseudococcus similans

Psila rosae

Ptinus clavipes

Ptinus tectus

Pulvinaria hydrangeae

Pulvinaria vitis

Remaudiereana inornatus

Rhinocyllus conicus

Rhizoecus cacticans

Rhizoecus falcifer

Rhopalosiphoninus stapyleae

Rhypodes clavicornis

Rhypodes serricatus

Ribautiana tenerrima

Saissetia oleae

Sidnia kinbergi

Sirex noctilio

Sitona discoideus

Sitophilus granarius

Solenopsis geminata

Solenopsis invicta

Stathmopoda skelloni

Stephanitis rhododendri

Strepsicrates macropetana

Symmetrischema plaesiosema

Teia anartoides

Therioaphis trifolii

Thrips australis

Thrips imaginis

Thrips obscuratus

Thrips simplex

Thysanoplusia orichalcea

Tineola bisselliella


Urophorus humeralis

Wiseana cervinata

Wiseana signata

Zygina zealandica

Aceria diospyri

Aceria tulipae

Aculops lycopersici

Aculus cornutus

Brevipalpus phoenicis

Bryobia repensi

Bryobia rubrioculus
f. prunicola

Calacarus carinatus

Calepitrimerus vitis

Cecidophyopsis ribis

Colomerus vitis

Diptacus gigantorhynchus

Eriophyes mali

Halotydeus destructor

Phyllocoptes abaenus

Phyllocoptruta oleivora

Tetranychus lambi

Tetranychus ludeni

Tuckerella flabellifera

Anguina agrostis   

Aphelenchoides blastophthorus  


Heterodera avenae   

Heterodera trifolii

Meloidogyne fallax

Meloidogyne naasi

Paratrichodorus minor

Subanguina radicicola

Xiphinema diversicaudatum

Arion hortensis   

Deroceras reticulatum    

Helix aspersa    

Milax gagates   

Vallonia excentrica

Centaurea solstitialis  
Cirsium arvense Canada thistle
Emex australis  
Iva xanthifolia  
Orobanche spp.  
Salvinia molesta  

List 2

Complete list of quarantine pests identified by Korea

Acremoniella atra

Acremonium diospyri

Acremonium strictum

Acroconiediella tropaeoli

Acrosporium tingitaninum

Alternaria dianthicola

Alternaria triticina

Angiosorus solani

Anisogramma anomala

Aphanomyces euteiches

Armillaria gallica

Ascochyta corticola

Ascochyta ligulariae

Ascochyta oryzae

Ascochyta sorghi

Asperisporium caricae

Atropellis pinicola

Atropellis piniphila

Aureobasidium zeae

Bipolaris cynodontis

Bipolaris portulacae

Bipolaria sacchari

Bipolaris sorghicola

Biscogniauxia marginata

Blumeriella jaapii

Botryodiplodia caricae

Botryodiplodia hypodermia

Botryosphaeria parva

Botryosphaeria sp.

Botryosphaeria stevensii

Botryosphaeria zeae

Botrytis anthophila

Capnodium citri

Catacauma sabal

Centrospora acerina

Ceratocystis fagacearum

Ceratocystis fimbriata

Ceratocystis paradoxa

Ceratocystis ulmi

Ceratocystis virescens

Cercospora angolensis

Cercospora duddiae

Cercospora fuligniosa

Cercospora medicanis

Cercospora papayae

Cercospora richardiaecola

Cercosporella rubi

Cerotelium fici

Chalaropsis thielavioides

Chrysomyxa abietis

Chrysomyxa arctostaphyli

Ciborinia camelliae

Claviceps africana

Claviceps gigantea

Cochliobolus carbonum

Cochliobolus spicifer

Cochliobolus victoriae

Coleosporium ipomoeae

Coleosporium plumeriae

Coniella castaneicola

Coniothyrium wernsdorffiae

Coprinus micaceus

Coprinus psychromorbidus

Coprinus truncorum

Corticium koleroga

Corticium galactinum

Corticium salmonicolor

Corticium stevensii

Coryneum megaspermum

Cristulariella moricola

Cronartium comandrae

Cronartium comptoniae

Cronartium fusiforme

Cryptodiaporthe populea

Cryptostroma corticale

Crytoderma yamanoi

Curvularia eragrostidis

Curvularia ovoidea

Curvularia verruculosa

Cuvurlaria senegalensis

Cylindrocladium buxicola

Cylindrocladium canadense

Cytosphaera mangiferae

Dactuliochaeta glycines

Daldinia concentria

Deightoniella torulosa

Dendryphion penicillatum

Deuterophoma tracheiphila

Diaporthe actinidiae

Diaporthe sp.

Diaporthe vaccinii

Dibotryon morbosum

Didymella applanata

Didymella chrysanthemi

Didymella ligulicola

Didymella lycopersici

Didymella rabiei

Dilophospora alopecuri

Diplodia citricola

Diplodia gossypina

Diplodia maydis

Diplodia oryzae

Discula destructiva

Dothiorella aromatica

Dothiorella federata

Dothiorella ulmi

Drechslera gigantea

Drechslera iridis

Drechslera sacchari

Drechslera tritici-repentis

Elsinoe australis

Elsinoe batatas

Elsinoe piri

Embellisia hyacinthi

Endocronartium harknessii

Entyloma calendulae sp. Dahliae

Erysiphe betae

Erysiphe orontii

Esca disease

Eutypa armeniacae

Eutypella parasitica

Exobasidium vexans

Exserohilum rostratum

Fabraea maculata

Fomitopsis achroleuca

Fusarium culmorum

Fusarium oxysporum sp. cattleyae

Fusarium oxysporum sp. citri

Fusarium oxysporum sp. cubense

Fusarium oxysporum sp. radicis-lycopersici

Fusarium oxysporum var. redolens

Fusarium poae wollenw

Fusarium semitectum var. majus

Fusarium solani sp. cucurbitae

Fusarium stiboides

Fusicoccum amygdali

Fusicoccum luteum

Fusicoccum sp.

Ganoderma lucidum

Gibberella cyanogena

Gibberella persicaria

Gloeotinia temulenta

Gnomonia comari

Gremmeniella abietina

Gymnoconia nitens

Gymnosporangium clavipes

Gymnosporangium confusum

Gymnosporangium fuscum

Gymnosporangium globosum

Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae

Gymnosporangium kernianum

Gymnosporangium libocerdri

Gymnosporangium nelsonii

Helminthosporium papulosum

Hendersonia sp.

Hendersonula toruloidea

Heterobasidium annosum

Hypoxylon mammatum

Hypoxylon mediterraneum

Inonotus hispidus

Inonotus weirei

Lachnellula willkommii

Laetisaria fuciformis

Lambertella jasmini

Lambertella pruni

Leptophaeria coniothyrium

Leptosphaeria sp.

Leptosphaerulina briosiana

Leucostoma cincta

Lophodermium sp.

Marssonina panattoniana

Melampsora farlowii

Melampsora medusae

Melanconium fuligineum

Merulius ravenelii

Microdiplodia heteroclita

Microdochium panattoniamum

Microstroma juglandis

Monilinia rosella

Mucor piriformis

Mucor racemosus

Mycosphaerella angulata

Mycosphaerella brassicicola

Mycosphaerella caricae

Mycosphaerella citri

Mycosphaerella linicola

Mycosphaerella musicola

Mycosphaerella populorum

Mycosphaerella ribis

Mycovellosiella concors

Myrothecium roridum

Nectria coccinea

Nectria galligena

Nectria rigidiuscula

Nectriella pironii

Nematospora coryli (=N. gossypii)

Oidium caricae-papayae

Oidium mangifarae

Ophiostoma wageneri

Ovulariopsis caricae

Penicillium ulaense

Periconia circinata

Peronophythora litchii

Peronosclerospora maydis (=Sclerospora maydis)

Peronosclerospora philippinensis

Peronosclerospora sacchari

Peronospora viciae

Pestalotia theae

Pestalotiopsis disseminata

Pestalotiopsis hartigii

Pestalotiopsis mangiferae

Pestalotiopsis versicolor

Pezicula alba

Pezicula malicorticis

Pezizella oenotherae (= Hainesia lythri)

Phacidiopycnis pseudotsugae

Phacidiopycnis tuberivora

Phaeoacremonium viticola

Phaeosclerotinia nipponica

Phaeoseptoria sp.

Phaeosphaeria herpotrichoides

Phakopsora meibormiae

Phellinus igniarius

Phellinus pomaceus

Phialophora cinerescens

Phialophora gregata

Phialophora malorum

Phialophora parasitica

Phlyctema caulium

Phoma andina

Phoma destructiva var. destructiva

Phoma epicoccum

Phoma exigua

Phoma exigua var. exigua

Phoma exigua var. foveata

Phoma flaccida

Phoma glomerata

Phoma kakivora

Phoma loti

Phoma medicaginis var. pinodella

Phoma terrestris

Phomopsis obscurans

Phomopsis padina

Phomopsis sclerotioides

Phragmidium mucronatum

Phragmidium tuberculatum

Phyllachora sacchari

Phyllactinia papayae

Phyllosticta arxii

Phyllosticta capitalensis

Phyllosticta draconis

Phyllosticta solitaria

Phyllosticta virginiana

Physoderma alfalfa

Physoderma maydis

Physoderma leproides

Phytopthora alni

Phytophthora citricola

Phytophthora fragariae var. fragariae

Phytophthora heveae

Phytophthora hibernalis

Phytophthora kernoviae

Phytophthora lateralis

Phytophthora macrochlamydospora

Phytophthora megasperma

Phytophthora nemorosa

Phytophthora porri

Phytophthora syringae

Phytopthora megasperma sp. glycines

Pithomyces chartarum

Plenodomus destruens

Pleomassaria sp.

Podosphaera pannosa

Polyscytalum pustulans

Potebniamyces pyri

Pseudocercospora punicae

Pseudocercospora actinidiae

Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides

Pseudopeziza medicaginis

Pseudopeziza tracheiphila

Puccinia antirrhini

Puccinia asparagi

Puccinia dioicae

Puccinia melanocephala

Puccinia pittieriana

Puccinia psidii

Pyrenochaeta lycopersici

Pyrenophora tritici-repentis

Pythium dieliense

Pythium echinulatum

Pythium mamillatum

Pythium splendens

Pythium vexans

Ramularia carthami

Rhizoctonia fragariae

Rhizoctonia leguminicola

Rhizoctonia tuliparum

Rhynchosporium orthosporium

Rosellinia bunodes

Schizothyrium perexiguum

Schizothyrium pomi

Scirrhia pini

Sclerotinia homeocarpa

Scytinostroma galactinum

Seimatosporium lichenicola

Septocyta ruborum

Septogloeum kaki

Septoria ampelina

Septoria carthami

Septoria citri

Septoria dianthi

Septoria lactucicola

Septoria leucanthemi

Septoria lycopersici var. malagutii

Septoria oudemansii

Septoria passerinii

Septoria sp.

Setosphaeria pedicellata

Setosphaeria rostrata

Sphaceloma perseae

Sphaceloma batatas

Sphacelotheca destruens

Sphaeropsis tumefaciens

Sphaerostilbe repens

Stenocarpella macrospora

Stictis radiata

Stigmina carpophylla

Stomiopeltis citris

Stromatinia gladioli

Taphrina bullata

Taphrina communis

Thecaphora solani

Tilletia controversa

Tilletia indica

Tilletia tritici


Tolyposporium penicillariae

Tranzschellia discolor sp. domestica

Tranzschellia discolor sp. persica

Tubakia dryina

Ulocladium consortiale

Urocystis occulta

Uromyces gladioli

Uromyces transversalis

Ustilago bullata

Ustulina deusta

Valdensia heterodoxa

Venturia cerasi

Verticillium tricorpus

Volutella pachysandricola

Xylaria mali

Candidatus Phlomobacter fragariae

Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. Insidiosus

Clavibacter michiganensis
subsp. michiganensis

Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis

Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. nebraskensis

Clavibacter tritici

Corynebacterium agropri

Corynebacterium michiganense subsp. tessellarius

Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens

Erwinia rubrifaciens

Erwinia stewartii

Pseudomonas caryophylii

Pseudomonas cattleya

Pseudomonas fuscovaginae

Pseudomonas glumae

Pseudomonas oryzicola

Pseudomonas plantarii

Pseudomonas syringae pv. atrofaciens

Pseudomonas syringae pv. coronafaciens

Pseudomonas syringae pv. panici

Pseudomonas syringae pv. papulans

Pseudomonas syringae pv. persicae

Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola

Pseudomonas syringae pv. pisi

Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato

Rhodococcus fasciens

Streptomyces ipomoea

Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Citri

Xanthomonas campestris pv. carotae

Xanthomonas campestris pv. corylina

Xanthomonas campestris pv. hyacinthi

Xanthomonas campestris pv. juglandis

Xanthomonas campestris pv. angiferaeinidae

Xanthomonas campestris pv. Poinsettiicola

Xanthomonas campestris pv. sesami

Xanthomonas campestris pv. tardicrescens

Xanthomonas fragariae

Xanthomonas nigromaculians

Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola

Xanthomonas populi

Xanthomonas vasicola pv. Holcicola

Xylophilus ampelinus

Apple decline phytoplasma

Apricot chlorotic leafroll phytoplasma

Aster yellow phytoplasma

Cadidatus phytoplasma pini

Cherry albino phytoplasma

Elm phloem necrosis phytoplasma

Peach phony phytoplasma

Peach X disease phytoplasma

Peach yellow phytoplasma

Pear decline phytoplasma

Phlm lethal yellowing phytoplasma

Phytoplasma australiense

Potato witches` broom phytoplasma

Rice yellow dwarf phytoplasma

Rubus stunt phytoplasma

Spiroplasma citri

Strawberry witches's broom phytoplasma

Walnut bunch phytoplasma

Abutilon mosaic virus

Andean potato latent virus

Andean potato mottle virus

Apple necrosis virus

Apple rubbery wood disease

Arabis mosaic virus

Artichoke Italian latent virus

Banana bract mosaic virus

Banana bunchy top virus

Bean common necrosis virus

Bean golden mosaic virus

Bean pod mottle virus

Beet black scorch virus

Beet curly top virus

Beet mild yellowing virus

Beet western yellows virus

Blackberry chlorotic ringspot virus

Blueberry leaf mottle virus

Blueberry red ringspot virus

Blueberry scorch virus

Blueberry shock virus

Blueberry shoestring virus

Carnation etched ring virus

Carnation necrotic fleck virus

Carnation ringspot virus

Carnation vein mottle virus

Carrot red leaf virus

Cherry leaf roll virus

Cherry necrotic rusty mottle virus

Cherry rasp leaf virus

Chrysanthemum stem necrosis virus

Citrus cristacortis disease

Citrus impietratura disease

Citrus leprosis virus

Citrus psorosis virus

Citrus ringspot virus

Citrus vein enation-woody gall virus

Columbian datura virus

Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus

Cowpea mild mottle virus

Eggplant mottled crinkle virus

Foxtail mosaic virus

Fragaria chiloensis virus

Grapevine fanleaf virus

Impatiens necrotic spot virus

Iris yellow spot tospovirus

La France disease

Little cherry virus

Lychnis ringspot virus

Maize streak virus

Melon necrotic spot virus

Papaya leaf curl virus

Pea enation mosaic virus

Peach rosette mosaic virus

Peach wart virus

Peanut clump virus

Peanut stripe virus (=Groundnut stripe virus)

Pelargonium zonate spot virus

Pepino mosaic virus

Plum line pattern virus

Potato aucuba mosaic virus

Potato mop-top virus

Potato virus

T Potato yellow dwarf virus

Potato yellow vein virus

Prune dwarf virus

Radish yellow edge virus

Raspberry ringspot virus

Rice stripe necrosis benyvirus

Rice yellow mottle virus

Shallot latent virus

Shallot yellow stripe virus

Southern bean mosaic virus

Spinach latent virus

Squash mosaic virus

Strawberry latent ringspot virus

Strawberry pallidosis virus

Sweet potato mild mottle virus

Sweet potato vein mosaic virus

Sweet potato yellow dwarf virus

Tobacco etch virus

Tobacco necrosis virus

Tobacco rattle virus

Tobacco ringspot virus

Tobacco streak virus

Tomato black ring virus

Tomato bushy stunt virus

Tomato ringspot virus

Tomato torrado virus

Tomato yellow leaf curl virus

Wheat high plains virus

Wheat streak mosaic virus

White clover mosaic virus

Apple dimple fruit viroid

Apple fruit crinkle viroid

Apple skin scar viroid

Chrysanthemum stunt viroid

Citrus xyloporosis viroid

Peach latent mosaic vioid

Tomato chlorotic dwarf viroid

Abgrallaspis cyanophylli

Abgrallaspis palmae

Acalolepta cervina

Acalolepta spp.

Acalymma vittatum

Acanthiophilus helianthi

Acanthoscelides obtectus

Acaudaleyrodes citri

Achaea janata

Acheta domesticus

Acia lineatifrons

Acicnemis spp.

Acledra dimidiaticollis

Acleris gloverana

Acleris variana

Acrobasis tricolorella

Acrolepiopsis assectella

Acrosternum hilare

Acutaspis albopicta

Acutaspis umbonifera

Acyrthosiphon lactucae

Adelges laricis potaninilaricis

Adoretus versutus

Aegorhinus superciliosus

Aelia rostrata

Aeolesthes induta

Aeolesthes sarta

Aggorhinus phaleratus

Agrilus occipitalis

Agrilus ruficollis

Agrilus sinuatus

Agriotes lineatus

Agromyza parvicornis

Agrypnus variabilis

Alcidodes juglans

Alcidodes waltoni

Aleurocanthus cinnamomi

Aleurocanthus husaini

Aleurocanthus woglumi

Aleurodicus capiangae

Aleurodicus dispersus

Aleurodicus dugesii

Aleurolobus citri

Aleurolobus mariatti

Aleurothrixus floccosus

Aleurothrixus porteri

Aleurotrachelus camelliae

Aleurotrachelus dryandrae

Aleurotuberculatus aucubae

Aleurotuberculatus similis

Aleyrodes proletella

Algarobius prosopis

Allantus cinctus

Allococcus morrisoni

Alsophila aescularia

Alsophila pometaria

Altica chalybea


Amauromyza maculosa

Amblypelta brevicornis

Amblypelta lutescens

Amblypelta nitida

Ambrosiodmus rubricollis

Ambrosiodmus tachygraphus

Ametastegia glabrata

Ametastegia tener

Amnemus quadrituberculatus

Amorbia emigratella

Ampeloglypter ater

Ampeloglypter sesostris

Amphimallon solstitialis

Amphipyra pyramidoides

Amrasca splendens

Anaceratgallia venosa

Anaphothrips occidentalis

Anaphothrips sudanensis

Anasa tristis

Anastrepha distincta

Anastrepha psuedoparallela

Anastrepha striata

Ancognatha scarabaeoides

Ancylis comptana fragariae

Anisandrus pyri

Anisoplia austriaca

Anomothrips associatus

Anoplocnemis curipes

Anoplodera mitens

Anoplodera spp.

Anoplognathus spp.

Anoplolepis gracillipes

Anoplolepis longipes

Anthonomus eugennii

Anthonomus grandis

Anthonomus quadrigibbosus

Anthonomus signatus

Anthonomus vestitus

Anthrenocerus australis

Anticarsia gemmatalis

Antigastra catalaunalis

Aonidiella aurantii

Aonidiella comperei

Aonidiella inornata

Aonidiella orientalis

Aonidomytilus albus

Apate indistincta

Apate monachus

Apate spp.

Apate terebrans

Aphis fabae

Aphis illinoisensis

Aphis intybi

Aphis maidiradicis

Aphis pomi

Aphis ruborum

Aphtona euphorbiae

Apocheima cinerarius

Apsylla cistellata

Aradus cinnamomeus

Archips argyrospila

Archips cerasivoranus

Archips micaceana

Archips occidentalis

Archips podana

Archips rosana

Argyrotaenia citrana

Argyrotaenia pulchellana

Argyrotaenia velutinana

Arhopalus ferus

Arhopalus spp.

Arixyleborus spp.

Ascotis selenaria reciprocaria

Asemochrysus rugulosus

Aspidiella hartii

Aspidiella sacchari

Aspidiotus chinensis

Aspidiotus coryphae

Aspidiotus excisus

Aspidiotus nerii

Assara albicostalis

Asterobemisia carpini

Asterolecanium epideneri

Asterolecanium inlabefactum

Asterolecanium litseae

Asterolecanium phoenicis

Asterolecanium pustulans

Asterolecanium ungulatum

Atactogaster orientalis

Atherigona orientalis

Atherigona oryzae

Atherigona soccata

Atomaria curtula 

Atta sexdens

Attagenus brunneus

Attagenus fasciatus


Aulacaspis spp.

Aulacaspis tubercularis

Aulacaspis vitis

Aulacaspis yasumatsui

Aulacophora abdominalis

Aulacophora hilaris

Autographa californica

Axinopalpis gracilis

Bagrada hilaris

Baris chlorizans

Baris coerulescens

Baris cuprirostris

Baris granulipennis

Baris laticollis

Baris lepidii

Batocera spp.

Batocera boisduvali

Bactrocera cucumis

Batocera davidis

Bactrocera fraunfeldi

Batocera horsfieldi

Bactrocera kraussi

Bactrocera murrayi

Bactrocera opiliae

Batocera rubus

Batocera rufomaculata

Belionota prasina

Bemisia argentifolii

Bemisia citricola

Bemisia giffardi

Bemisia tabaci

Biprorulus bibax

Blaniulus guttulatus

Blatobasis spp.

Blissus leucopterus

Boisea trivittata

Bolerus minutus

Bolitophagus reticulatus

Bombotelia jocosatrix

Bostrychoplites spp.

Bostrychopsis jesuita

Brachycaudus persicae

Brachycaudus schwartzi

Brachycerus undatus

Brachycolus asparagi

Bradybaena serotina

Bradybaena similaris

Bradysia ocellaris

Bradysia yangi

Brahmaea wallichii

Brentiscerus putoni

Brontispa longissima

Bruchidius atrolineatus

Bruchidius incarnatus

Bruchidius ptilinoides

Bruchophagus fellis

Bruchophagus roddi

Bruchus affinis

Bruchus brachialis

Bruchus tristis

Bupalus pinarius

Buprestis spp.

Busseola fusca

Cacoecia pronubana

Cacopsylla pyri

Cactoblastis cactorum

Caliothrips fasciatus

Caliothrips indicus

Caliroa cerasi

Calitys scabra

Callidiellum villosulum

Callidium villosulum

Callosobruchus analis

Callosobruchus dolichosi

Callosobruchus maculatus

Callosobruchus phaseoli

Callosobruchus rhodesianus

Calocoris trivialis

Caloptilia syringella

Cameraria ohridella

Camponotus conspicuus zonatus

Camponotus lateralis

Camponotus sexgnttatus

Campylomma livida

Candidula intersecta

Capnodis tenebrionis

Carpophilus freemani

Carpophilus obsoletus

Carpophilus pilosellus

Capua intractana

Carulaspis minima

Caryedon serratus

Cataenococcus guatemalensis

Cataenococcus hispidus

Cathartosilvanus opaculus

Caulophilus oryzae

Cepaea hortensis

Cephus pygmeus

Cerambyx dux

Ceracris kiangsu

Ceramica pisi

Cerataphis brasiliensis

Cerataphis palmae

Ceratothrips discolor

Ceratothrips frici

Ceratothrips pallidivestis

Ceroplastes cirripediformis

Ceroplastes destructor

Ceroplastes floridensis

Ceroplastes rusci

Ceroplastes sinensis

Cerotoma ruficornis

Cerotoma trifurcata

Cetonia aurata

Ceutorhynchus pleurostigma

Chaetanaphothrips orchidii

Chaetocnema hortensis

Chaetosiphon fragaefolii

Chalcodermus aeneus

Chelinidea vittiger aequoris

Chilo auricilius

Chilo partellus

Chilo plejadella

Chilo sacchariphagus

Chionaspis javanensis

Chionaspis salicis

Chionaspis vitis

Chirothrips aculeatus

Chirothrips mexicanus

Chloridolum spp.

Chlorochroa ligata


Chloroclystis spp.

Chlorophorus strobilicola

Chlumetia transversa

Choreutis pariana

Choristoneura fumiferana

Choristoneura occidentalis

Choristoneura rosaceana

Chromatomyia syngenesiae

Chrysobothris femorata

Chrysobothris mali

Chrysobothris spp.

Chrysodeixis chalcites

Chrysodeixis spp.

Chrysomphalus pinnulifer

Cicadulina mbila

Cinara piceae

Cinara pilicornis

Circulifer opacipennis

Circulifer tenellus

Cis mikagensis

Cis seriatulus

Cladardis elongatula

Cladius difformis

Clavaspis herculeana

Cleonus punctiventris

Clepsis spectrana

Cnephasia jactatana

Cnephasia longana

Coccotrypes fallax

Coccus alpinus

Coccus capparidis

Coccus discrepans

Coccus formicarii

Coccus longulus

Coccus mangiferae

Coccus viridis

Colaspidema atrum

Colaspis brunnea

Colaspis hypochlora

Colaspis pini

Colaspoides heroni

Coleophora hemerobiella

Coleophora sacramenta

Colgaroides acuminata

Colladonus clitellarius

Colladonus geminatus

Colladonus montanus

Comstockiella sabalis

Conchaspis angraeci

Conoderus exsul

Conoderus falli

Conoderus parallelus

Conoderus rufangulus

Conoderus varians

Conoderus vespertinus

Conopomorpha cramerella

Conopomorpha sinensis

Conorhynchus conirostris

Conotrachelus crataegi

Conotrachelus juglandis

Conotrachelus retentus

Contarinia citri

Contarinia maculipennis

Contarinia nasturtii

Contarinia pyrivora

Contarinia sorghicola

Coptotermes acinaciformis

Coptotermes curvignathus

Coptotermes formosanus

Coptotermes gestroi

Coptotermes sjostedt

Coptotermes spp.

Coptotermes vastator Light

Corcyra cepalonica

Corythucha arcuata

Corythucha cydoniae

Corythucha gossypiii

Corythucha juglandis

Corythucha salicata

Cosmophylum pallidulum

Cossonus nicisis

Costelytra zealandica

Cotinus mutabilis

Cotinus nitidae

Craponius inaequalis

Creontiades dilutus

Cribrolecanium andersoni

Criocerus asparagi

Crisicoccus azaleae

Crocidolomia pavonana

Crossotarsus spp.

Crossotarsus subpellucidus

Crossotarsus wallacei

Cryphalus tenuis

Cryptoblabes adoceta

Cryptoblabes ginidiella

Cryptoblabes hemigypsa

Cryptocephalus spp.

Cryptolestes pusilloides

Cryptolestes spp.

Cryptomorpha desjardinsi

Cryptophilus propinquus

Cryptophlebia ombrodelta

Cryptotemes brevis

Crypturgus alutaceus

Crypturgus borealis

Crypturgus spp.

Ctenopseustis herana

Ctenopseustis obliquana


Cuernavaca noxius

Curculio caryae

Curculio davidi

Curculio elephas

Curculio nucum

Cycolocephala signaticollis

Cydia latiferreana

Cydia nigricana

Cydia packardi

Cydia splendana

Cydia strobilella

Cylas brunneus

Cylas puncticollis

Cynaeus angustus

Cyrtopeltis modesta

Dacne japonica

Dactylopius coccus

Darna pallivita

Dasineura mali

Dasineura pyri

Datana ministra

Delia coarctat

Delia florilega

Delia radicum

Dendroctonus adjunctus

Dendroctonus brevicomis

Dendroctonus frontalis

Dendroctonus micans


Dendroctonus ponderosae

Dendroctonus pseudotsugae

Dendroctonus punctatus

Dendroctonus rufipennis

Dendroctonus simplex

Dendroctonus terebrans

Dendroctonus valens

Dendrolimus punctatus

Deorena hyacintha

Depressaria erinaceela

Desiantha diversipes lineata

Desmia funeralis

Desmothrips australis

Desmothrips tenuicornis

Diabrotica balteata

Diabrotica barberi

Diabrotica speciosa

Diabrotica undecimpunctata hawardi

Diabrotica undecimpunctata undecipunctata

Diabrotica virgifera

Diacrotricha fasciola

Dialeurodes citrifolii

Dialeurodes kirkaldyi

Diaphania hyalinanata

Diaphania nitidalis

Diaphorina citri

Diaprepes abbreviatus

Diapus spp.

Diarsia intermixta

Diarthronomyia chrysanthemi

Diasemia grammalis

Diaspidiostus ancylus

Diaspidiotus uvae

Diaspis gilloglyi

Diaspis santali

Diathetes spp.

Diatraea crambidoides

Diaxenes dendrobii


Dichromothrips smithi

Dictyotus caenosus

Dieuches armatipes

Dieuches notatus

Dihammus vastator

Dinaspis aculeata

Dindymus vesicolor

Dinoderus bifoveolatus

Dinoderus brevis

Dinoderus japonicus

Dinoderus minutus

Diocalandra frumenti

Diocalandra sasa

Diocalandra taitensis

Dionconotus cruentatus

Diplolepis radicum

Diprion hercyniae

Diprion pini

Diprion similis

Disonycha xanthomelas

Distantiella theobroma

Ditropidus maxillosa

Dolichoderus spp.

Dolichoderus thoracicus

Doliopygus spp.

Dorcatoma shigaensis

Drepanococcus cajani

Drepanococcus chiton


Drosicha townsendi

Dryocoetes affaber

Dryocoetes betulae

Dryocoetes caryi

Dryocoetes confusus

Dryocoetes granicollis

Dryocoetes spp

Dryocoetiops laevis

Duplachionaspis divergens

Duplaspidiotus claviger

Duponchelia fovealis

Dysaphis crataegi

Dysaphis pyri

Dysaphis tulipae

Dysdercus cingulatus

Dysdercus peruvianus

Dysides obscurus

Dysmicoccus boninsis

Dysmicoccus brevipes

Dysmicoccus insulae

Dysmicoccus mackenziei

Dysmicoccus neobrevipes

Dysmicoccus nesophilus

Dyspessa ulula

Earias insulana

Ectinus minimus 

Ectomylois ceratoniae

Egira curialis

Elaphidinoides villosus

Elasmolomus sordidus

Elasmopalpus lignosellus

Elatichrosis castanea

Eldana saccharina

Elytroteinus subtruncatus

Empoasca abrupta

Empoasca bodenheimeri

Empoasca citrea

Empoasca citrusa

Empoasca decedens

Empoasca decipiens

Empoasca devastans

Empoasca fabae

Empoasca flavescens

Empoasca lybica

Empoasca maligna

Empoasca smithi

Enaphalodes rufulus

Endecatomus lanatus

Endelomyia aehiops

Endrosis sarcitrella

Ennearthron ishiharai

Ephestia vapidella

Epicaerus cognatus

Epichoristodes acerbella

Epidiaspis leperii

Epignoma natalensis

Epilachna borealis

Epilachna elaterii

Epilachna paenulata

Epilachna varivestis

Epinotia aporema

Epiphyas postvittana

Epiphyas pulla

Epitrix cucumeris

Epitrix tuberis

Epochra canadensis

Epuraea limbata

Eremnus atratus

Eremnus cerealis

Eremnus setulosus

Eriococcus azaleae

Eriococcus coccineus

Eriococcus coriaceus

Erionota torus

Eriosoma pyricola

Ernobius mobilis

Erosomyia mangiferae

Erthesina fullo

Erythroneura comes

Erythroneura elegantula

Erythroneura variabilis

Estigmene acrea

Eteoneus angulatus

Eucolaspsis brunnea

Eudonia paltomacha

Eudonia psammitis

Euetheola rugiceps

Eulecanium pruinosum

Euleia heracleii

Euproctis chrysorrhoea

Eurydema oleraceum

Eurygaster austriaca

Eurygaster integriceps

Euryphagus lundi

Euryphagus spp

Eurytoma samsonovi

Euschistus conspersus

Euschistus servus

Euschistus tristigmus

Euschistus variolarius

Eustomus setulosus

Eutinophaea bicristata

Eutyrhinus meditabundus

Euwallacea fornicatus

Euzophora semifuneralis

Exallomochlus sulawesicus

Exoteleia nepheos

Ferrisia malvastra

Ferrisia virgata

Fieberiella florii

Fiorinia phantasma

Fiorinia proboscidaria

Fiorinia theae

Frankliniella bispinosa

Frankliniella cephalica

Frankliniella cestrum

Frankliniella fusca

Frankliniella insularis

Frankliniella kelliae

Frankliniella schulteze

Frankliniella spp.

Frankliniella tritici


Fulvius dimidiatus

Furcaspis biformis

Galerucella tenella

Galgupha punctifer

Gascardia brevicauda

Geloptera porosa

Genyocerus spp

Geococcus coffeae

Geocoris sobrinus

Gerstaeckeria fasciata

Gerstaeckeria hubbardi

Gibbium aequinoctiale

Gillettelia glandulae

Glycaspis brimblecombei

Gnathocerus cornutus

Gnathocerus maxillosus

Gnathotrichus materiarius

Gnathotrichus spp

Gnathotrichus sulcatus

Gonipterus scutellatus

Gracillaria azaleella

Graphania mutans

Graphocephala versuta

Graphognathus leucoloma

Grapholita prunivorana

Gymnaspis aechmeae

Gynaikothrips ficorum

Halticinae gen. et spp.

Halticus bractatus

Haplothrips distinguendus

Haplothrips froggatti

Haplothrips tritici

Haplothrips victoiensis

Harmologa amplexana

Harmologa oblongana

Hedychorus rufofasciatus

Heilipus lauri

Heilipus pittieri

Heliothis (=Chloridea)

Heliothis gelotopeon

Heliothis punctigera

Heliothis spp.

Heliothis zae

Heliothrips sylvanus

Hemiberlesia diffinis

Hemiberlesia pitysophila

Hemiberlesia rapax

Hemileuca eglanterina

Hemimene juliana

Hercinothrips bicinctus

Heterobostrychus aequalis

Heterobostrychus brunneus

Heterobostrychus hamatipennis

Heteronychus arator

Heteronyx piceus

Heterotemes convexinotatus

Heterotermes tenuis

Hexarthrum brevicorne

Hippotion celerio

Holoparamecus depressus

Holoparamecus ellipticus

Holoparamecus signatus

Homalodisca coagulata

Homalodisca insolita

Homalodisca vitripennis

Homona coffearia

Hoplia surata

Hoplocampa brevis

Hoplocampa danfengensis

Hoplocampa fulvicornis

Hoplocerambyx spp.

Hordeolicoccus nephelii

Howardia biclavis

Howardia laterochitnosa

Hyalareta huebneri

Hyblaea puera

Hydraecia micaea

Hylastes exilis

Hylastes porculus

Hylastes salebrosus

Hylastes spp.

Hylastes tenuis

Hylobius abietis

Hylobius assimilis

Hylobius pales

Hylotrupes bajulus

Hylurgopinus rufipes

Hylurgops pinifex

Hylurgops spp.

Hylurgus ligniperda

Hypera brunneipennis

Hypera punctata

Hypogeococcus othinus

Hypogeococcus spinosus

Hypomeces squamosus

Hypoponera punctatissima

Hypothenemus spp.

Icerya aegyptiaca

Icerya genistae

Icerya seychellarum

Idiocerus atkinsoni

Idioscopus clypealis

Idioscopus niveosparsus

Illinoia liriodendri

Illinoia morrisoni

Incistermes minor

Ips amitinus

Ips calligraphus

Ips confusus

Ips duplicanus

Ips grandicollis


Ips pini

Ips plastographus

Ips spp.

Irenimus parilis

Iridomyrmex humilis

Iridomyrmex purpureus

Ischnaspis longirostris

Ischnoterapion virens

Isotenes miserana

Kakothrips pisivorus

Kalotermes flavicollis

Keiferia lycopersicella

Kerria lacca

Kytorrhinus immixtus

Lacanobia oleracea

Lambdina fiscellaria

Largus convivus

Larinus planus

Lecanoideus floccissimus

Lema dilecta

Lema trilineata

Lepidiota stigma

Lepidosaphes beckii

Lepidosaphes camelliae

Lepidosaphes chinesis

Lepidosaphes cupressi

Lepidosaphes kuwacola

Lepidosaphes laterochitinosa


Lepidosaphes tapleyi

Lepidosaphes tokionis

Leptocoris mitellata

Leptocoris trivittatus

Leptocorisa acuta

Leptoglossus australis

Leptoglossus chilensis

Leptoglossus clypealis

Leptoglossus phyllopus

Leptopius squalidus

Lepyrus palustris

Leucinodes orbonalis

Leucoptera malifoliella

Limothrips angulicornis

Limothrips cerealium

Lindingaspis floridana

Lindingaspis rossi

Lindingaspis similis

Linogeraeus urbanus

Liocoris tripustulatus

Liogenys macropelma

Lipaphis erysimi

Liparetrus spp.

Liriomyza brassicae

Liriomyza huidobrensis

Liriomyza sativae

Listroderes bonariensis

Listroderes difficilis

Listronotus bonariensis

Listronotus oregonensis

Litargus antennatus

Litargus balteatus

Litargus connexus

Lithocolletis crataegella

Lithophane antennata

Lixus junci

Lobesia botrana

Longitarsus fuliginosus

Lophocateres pusillus

Lyctoxylon japonum

Lyctus africanus

Lyctus cavicollis

Lyctus linearis

Lyctus planicollis

Lygus elisus

Lygus hesperus

Lygus lineolaris

Lygus spp

Lyonetiidae spp.

Maconellicoccus hirsutus

Macrodactylus subspinosus

Macrosiphum stellariae

Macrosteles laevis

Magdalis aenescens

Magdalis gracilis

Malacosoma americanum

Malacosoma californicum

Malacosoma disstria

Malacosoma neustria testacea

Maladera matrida

Malanaspis rhizophorae

Malanoplus femurrubrum

Mallambyx raddei

Marmara gulosa

Marmara pomonella

Maroga melanostigma

Marseulia dilativentris

Matsucoccus dahriensis

Matsucoccus massoniana

Matsucoccus yunnanensis

Mecinus pyraster

Megacyllene caryae  

Megalurothrips sjostedti

Megalurothrips ustitatus

Megaplatypus mutatus

Megapulvinaria maxima

Megaselia scalaris

Melalgus confertus

Melanagromyza obtusa

Melanaspis aliena

Melanaspis inopinata

Melanaspis obscura

Melanaspis paulista

Melanaspis smilacis

Melanaspis temax

Melanocallis caryaefoliae

Melanophila cuspidata

Melanotus rufinus

Melanthrips fuscus

Melolontha melolontha

Melontha hippocastani

Menios internatus

Merhynchites bicolor

Merophyas divulsana

Mesolecanium nigrofasciatum

Metamasius aurocinctus

Metamasius hemipterus

Metapolax ditomoides

Metcalfa pruinosa

Metopolophium alpinum

Metriona bicolor

Mezium americanum

Microbregma emarginatum

Microceropsylla nigra

Microtheca ochroloma

Mictis profana

Milviscutulus mangiferae

Minthea rugicollis


Minutaleyrodes minutus

Mitrastethus baridioides

Mocis latipes

Monanus concinnulus

Monathrum fasciatum

Monathrum mali

Moneilema armata

Monellia caryella

Monochamus carolinensis

Monochamus maculosus

Monochamus marmorator

Monochamus notatus

Monochamus scutellatus

Monochamus spp.

Monochamus titillator

Monolepta apicalis

Monolepta australis

Monomorium antarcticum

Monomorium destructor

Mononychus vittatus

Monophadnoides geniculatus

Monosteira unicostata

Morganella longispina

Murgantia histrionica

Mycetaspis personata

Mycetaspis sphaerioides

Myllocerus undatus


Mythimna loreyi

Mythimna unipuncta

Myzosiphon staphyleae

Myzus ascalonicus

Myzus cymbalariellus

Myzus ornatus Laing

Nasonovia ribis-nigri

Nassophasis aspericollis

Nasutitermes corniger


Naupactus xanthographus

Nematus desantisi

Nematus ribesii

Neoaliturus haematoceps

Neoclytus acuminatus

Neoclytus rufus

Neodiprion abietis

Neomerimnetes sobrinus

Neopinnaspis harperi

Neotrionymus monstatus

Nephotettix nigropictus

Nepytia semiclusaria

Nesothrips propinquus

Nesticoccus sinensis

Neumichtis saliaris

Neurotoma saltuum

Niastama punctaticollis

Nilotaspis halli

Nipaecoccus filamentosus

Nipaecoccus viridis

Noctua pronuba

Nodonota punctiocollis

Noorda albizonalis

Norvellina seminuda

Nysius clevelandensis

Nysius huttoni

Nysius raphanus

Nysius vinitor

Octotemnus laminifrons

Odontotermes formosanus

Oebalus pugnax

Oecophylla smaragdina

Oemona hirta

Omiodes diemenalis

Omphisa anastomosalis

Oncometopia nigricans

Onocmetopia orbona

Ophiomyia phaseoli

Ophomyia phaseoli

Ophomyia simplex

Opogona aurisquamosa

Opogona ormoscopa

Opogona sacchari

Opuntiaspis carinata

Oracella acuta

Orchamoplatus citri

Orchamoplatus mammaeferus

Orgyia australis

Orgyia pseudotsugata

Orgyia vetusta

Orocrambus spp.

Orseolia oryzae

Orseolia oryzivora

Orthezia insignis

Orthocis schizophylli

Orthosia hibisci

Orthotomicus caelatus

Orthotomicus erosus

Oryctes rhinoceros

Oryzaephilus mercator

Ostrinia nubilalis

Othreis materna

Otidognathus davidis

Otiorhynchus armadillo

Otiorhynchus cribricollis

Otiorhynchus cylindrirostris

Otiorhynchus ovatus

Otiorhynchus rugosostriatus

Otiorhynchus salicicola

Otiorhynchus singularis

Otiorhynchus subglobosus

Otiorhynchus sulcatus

Oulema melanopus

Oxycarenus arctatus

Oxycarenus hyalinipennis

Oxycarenus lavaterae

Oxythyres funesta

Pachnaeus litus

Pachybrachius inornatus

Pachymerus nucleorum

Palaeopus costicollis

Paleacrita vernata

Palmicultor palmarum

Palorus ratzeburgi

Palorus subdepressus

Pammene fasciana

Pammene rhediella

Pandemis cerasana

Pandemis pyrusana

Pangaeus scotti

Panolis flammea

Pantana phyllostachysae

Pantomorus cervinus syn. Asynonychus cervinus

Papaipema nebris

Papilio aegeus

Papilio demodocus

Papilio demoleus

Papilio polytes

Parabemisia myricae

Paracoccus burnerae

Paracoccus marginatus

Paracryotocerus pusillus

Paradisterna plumifera

Paraleyrodes minei

Paraleyrodes perseae

Paralleodiplosis cattleyae

Paramyelois transitella

Paraphlepsius irroratus

Parapoynx stagnalis

Parasa lepida

Paratettrix mexicanus

Paratrechina longicornis

Paratrioza cockerelli

Paria fragariae

Parlatoreopsis chinensis

Parlatoria blanchardi

Parlatoria camelliae

Parlatoria cinerea

Parlatoria crypta

Parlatoria oleae

Parlatoria pittospori

Parlatoria ziziphi

Parmena balteatus

Parocystola acroxantha

Parthenolecanium pruinosum

Paysandisia archon

Pealius mori

Pempherulus affinis

Pemphigus bursarius

Pentalonia nigronervosa

Penthimiola bella

Peregrinus maidis

Peridroma clerica

Peridroma saucia

Periomonatus spp.

Perissus spp.

Perkinsiella saccharicida

Perperus lateralis

Perperus spp.

Phaenomerus foveipennis

Phatomoma annalipesconcisa

Pheidole fervens

Pheidole megacephala

Pheidole spp.

Phenacoccus avenae

Phenacoccus gossypii

Phenacoccus graminicola

Phenacoccus iceryoides

Phenacoccus mangiferae

Phenacoccus manihoti

Phenacoccus parvus

Phenacoccus solani

Phenacoccus solenopsis

Philaenus spumarius

Phloeosinus cupressi

Phloeosinus serratus

Phloeotribus liminaris

Phlyctinus callosus

Phoracantha recurva

Phoracantha semipunctata

Phrissogonus laticostata

Phyllobius argentatus

Phyllobius maculicornis

Phyllobius oblongus

Phyllobius pyri

Phyllonorycter blancardella

Phyllonorycter messaniella

Phyllophaga ephilida

Phyllophaga smithi

Phyllotreta armoraciae

Phyllotreta atra

Phyllotreta chotanica

Phyllotreta cruciferae

Phylloxera notabilis

Phyllotetra pallidipennis

Phymatodes testaceus

Phytobia cepae

Phytomyza albiceps

Phytomyza marganella

Phytomyza persicae

Phytomyza rufipes

Pieris brassicae

Pieris brassicae

Pieris canidia

Pineus cembrae pinikoreanus

Pinnaspis bohemeriae

Pinnaspis musae

Pirkimerus japonicus

Pissodes nemorensis

Pissodes notatus

Pissodes strobi

Pissodes terminalis

Pissodes yunnanensis

Pityophthorus juglandis

Planococcoides njalensis

Planococcus bagmaticus

Planococcus ficus

Planococcus kenyae

Planococcus lilacinus

Planococcus litchi

Planococcus minor

Planococcus pacificus

Planotortrix excessana

Planotortrix flavescens

Planotortrix octo

Plathypena scabra

Platynota idaeusalis

Platynota stultana

Platyomopsis pulverulens

Platypus agnatus

Platypus biuncus

Platypus caliculus

Platypus composititus

Platypus cupulatus

Platypus curtus

Platypus flavicornis

Platypus jansoni

Platypus parallelus

Platypus pseudocupulatus

Platypus quadridentatus

Platypus quercivorus

Platypus shoreanus

Platypus signatus

Platypus spp.

Platypus wilosoni

Platythrips tunicatus

Platytrachylus pavei

Plautia affinis

Playnota flavedana

Plemeliella abietina

Pleocoma crinita

Pleocoma minor

Pleocoma oregonensis

Pleocoma spp.

Pleonomus canaliculatus

Plesiocoris rugicollis

Plinthisus spp.

Pliorecepta poeciloptera

Pnyxia scabiei

Poecilips spp.

Poliaspis cycadis

Polychrosis(Lobesia) cunninghamiacola

Polychrosis viteana

Polygraphus rufipennis

Polygraphus spp.

Polyphylla decemlineata

Polytus mellerborgii

Ponticulothrips diospyrosi

Popillia japonica

Porotermes quadricollis

Porthesia scintillans

Prays citri

Prays parilis

Premnotrypes latithorax

Prionus californicus

Pristiphora abbreviata

Pristiphora abietina

Pristiphora rufipes

Prociphilus erigeronensis

Proeulia auraria

Proeulia chrysopteris

Proeulia triquetra

Prometopia quadrimaculata

Prosapia simulans

Prostephanus truncatus

Protopulvinaria longivalvata

Protopulvinaria pyriformis

Psamooecus bipunctatus

Pseudanaphothrips achaetus

Pseudaonidia trilobitiformis

Pseudaulacaspis longissima

Pseudaulacaspis spp.

Pseudischnaspis bowreyi

Pseudococcus affinis

Pseudococcus calceolariae

Pseudococcus cryptus

Pseudococcus elisae

Pseudococcus jackbeardsleyi

Pseudococcus longispinus

Pseudococcus maritimus

Pseudococcus philippinicus

Pseudococcus similans

Pseudonapomyza spicata

Pseudoparlatoria parlatorioides

Pseudotheraptus wayi

Psila rosae

Psorosticha zizyphi

Psylliodes chrysocephala

Pterochloroides persicae

Ptilinastes gerardi

Ptilinus fuscus

Ptinus clavipes

Ptinus tectus

Ptinus villiger

Pulvinaria aethiopica

Pulvinaria cacao

Pulvinaria floccifera

Pulvinaria hydrangeae

Pulvinaria innumberabilis

Pulvinaria polygonata

Pulvinaria psidii

Pulvinaria vitis

Puto mexicanus

Pygotis plagiatana

Pyrilla perpusilla

Pyrrhalta cavicollis

Pyrrhalta luteola


Quadraspidiotus lenticularis

Quadraspidiotus pyri

Quadraspiiotus juglansregiae

Quadraspiiotus ostreaeformis

Quadrastichus erythrinae

Rastrococcus iceryoides

Rastrococcus invadens

Rastrococcus spinosus

Rastrococcus truncatispinus

Remaudiereana inornatus

Resseliella oculiperda

Reticulitermes hesperus

Retithrips syriacus

Rhabdoscelus obscurus

Rhagium spp.

Rhinocyllus conicus

Rhipiphorothrips cruentatus

Rhizoecus americanus

Rhizoecus cacticans

Rhizoecus falcifer

Rhizotrogus majalis

Rhopalosiphoninus fitchii

Rhopalosiphoninus ribestinus

Rhopalosiphoninus staphyleae

Rhyacionia buoliana

Rhyacionia bushnelli

Rhyacionia frustrana

Rhynchites aequqtus

Rhynchites auricapillus

Rhynchites auratus

Rhynchites bacchus

Rhynchites confragossicollis

Rhynchites faldermanni

Rhynchites giganteus

Rhynchites pauxillus

Rhynchocoris humeralis

Rhynchophorus ferrugineus

Rhynchophorus palmarum

Rhyparida dimidiata

Rhyparida polymorpha

Rhyparochromus vulgaris

Rhypodes clavicornis

Rhypodes serricatus

Rhypodes spp.

Ribautiana tenerrima

Sabulodes aegrotata

Saccharicoccus sacchari

Sagra femorata

Saissetia oleae

Saissetia somereni

Saissetia spp.

Saperda candida

Sarsina violascens

Scaphoideus titanus

Scaphytopius acutus

Schistocerca gregaria

Schizura concinna

Schneidereria pistaciicola

Sciobius granosus

Scirpophaga incertulas

Scirpophaga innotata

Scirtothrips albomaculata

Scirtothrips aurantii

Scirtothrips citri

Scirtothrips kenyensis

Scirtothrips singnipennis

Scolypopa australis

Scolytus intricatus

Scolytus multistriatus

Scolytus rugulosus

Scolytus scolytus

Scoparia spp.

Scrobipalpa absoluta

Scrobipalpa heliopa

Scyphophorus acupunctatus

Selenaspidus articulatus

Selenothrips rubrocinctus

Semanotus japonicus

Semanotus sinoauster

Sesamia calamistis

Sesamia cretica

Sesamia nonagrioides

Sidnia kinbergi

Singhiella simplex

Singhius hibisci

Sinomegoura citricola

Sinoxylon anale

Sinoxylon conigerum

Sinoxylon crassum

Sinoxylon mangifera

Sinoxylon spp.

Siphanta hebes

Siphonatrophia cupressi

Sirex areolatus

Sirex noctilio

Sitona cylindricollis

Sitona discoideus

Sitophilus granarius

Sitophilus linearis

Skeletodes tetrops

Solenopsis geminata

Solenopsis invicta

Solenopsis richteri

Sonsaucoccus sinensis

Spectrobates ceratoniae

Sphaereolecanium prunastri

Sphenophorus callosus

Sphenophorus venatus vestitus

Sphinx chersis

Sphinx drupiferarum

Spilonota ocellana

Spilosoma virginica

Spodoptera eridania

Spodoptera exempta

Spodoptera frugiperda

Spodoptera littoralis

Spodoptera mauritia

Spodoptera ornithogalli

Spodoptera praefica

Stathmopoda binotatus

Stathmopoda skelloni

Stauropus alternus

Steirastoma breve

Stenocerynus subfasciatus

Stenoma catenifer

Stenopterus rufus

Stenoscelis cryptomeriae

Stenotus bifidus

Stephanitis pyri

Stephanitis rhododendri

Stephanitis takeyai

Sternochetus frigidus

Sternochetus mangiferae

Sternochetus olivieri

Stictocephala bisonia

Stictocephala bubalus

Stictocephala inermis

Stigmella incognitella

Stigmella malella

Strepsicrates macropetana

Strophosomus melanogrammus

Sybra (Sybra) ordinata

Sybra altenanus

Symmetrischema plaesiosema

Synanthedon exitiosa

Synanthedon pictipes

Syneta albida

Synommatus interruptus

Systena blanda

Taeniothrips meridionalis

Taeniothrips mexicanus

Tagosodes orizicolus

Taniva albolieana

Tanymecus dilaticollis

Tanyrhynchus carinatus

Tapinoma indicum

Tapinoma melanocephalum

Targionia vitis

Tarophagus proserpina

Techypterellus quadrigibbus

Tecia solanivora

Teia anartoides

Tenthecoris bicolor

Tessaratoma papillosa

Tetraleurodes mori

Tetralopha robustella

Tetramorium pacificum

Tetramorium simillimum

Tetramorium tonganum

Tetrapriocera spp.

Tetropium cinnamopterum

Tetropium fuscum

Thaumetopoea processionea

Thecodiplosis japonensis

Therioaphis trifolii

Thorictodes heydeni

Thrips angusticeps

Thrips australis

Thrips fuscipennis

Thrips imaginis

Thrips major

Thrips obscuratus

Thrips parvispinus

Thrips simplex

Thyanta custator

Thylodrias contractus

Thysanoplusia orichalcea

Tibraca limbativentris

Tineola bisselliella

Tingena spp.

Tipula oleracea

Tipula paludosa

Tiracola plagiata

Tomicus spp.

Torostoma apicale

Tortrix capensana

Tortrix viridana

Toumeyella liriodendri

Trachelizus bisulcatus

Trachyderes mandibularis

Trachyphloeus bifoveolatus

Tremex columba

Trialeurodes floridensis

Trialeurodes lauri

Trialeurodes ricini

Trialeurodes vittata

Tribolium madens

Trichobaris trinotata

Trionymus lumpurensis

Trioza erytreae

Trioza magnisetosa

Triozustus spp.

Trogoderma granarium

Trogoderma inclusum

Trogoderma simplex

Trogoderma variabile

Trogoxylon parallelopipedum

Trogoxylon spp.

Trypdendron rufitarsis

Trupanea pseudovicina

Tychius picirostris

Tyloderma fragariae

Typhlocyba (Edwardsiana) crataegi

Typhlocyba froggatti

Typhlocyba jucunda

Typhlocyba pomaria

Udinia catori

Unaspis citri

Uracanthus cryptophagus

Urentius hystricellus

Urocerus albicornis

Urocerus californicus

Urophorus humeralis

Vesperus luridus

Vesperus xatarti

Vinsonis stellifera

Vryburgia rimariae

Webbia spp.

Wiseana cervinata

Wiseana jocosa

Wiseana signata

Xeris morrisoni

Xeris tarsalis

Xyilon spp.

Xyleborus affinis

Xyleborus agnatus

Xyleborus celsus

Xyleborus cognatus

Xyleborus dispar

Xyleborus emarginatus

Xyleborus eucalypticus

Xyleborus fastigatus

Xyleborus ferrugineus

Xyleborus glabratus

Xyleborus interjectus

Xyleborus mascarensis

Xyleborus pedellus

Xyleborus perforans

Xyleborus pseudosolidus

Xyleborus pumilus

Xyleborus similis

Xyleborus spp.

Xyleborus subnaevus

Xyleborus xylographus

Xylobiops basilaris

Xylobiops spp.

Xylomges curialis

Xyloperthella spp.

Xylopsocus spp.

Xylosandrus compactus

Xylosandrus morigerus

Xylothrips flavipes

Xylothrips religiosus

Xylotrechus aceris

Xylotrechus annosus annosus

Xylotrechus colonus

Xylotrechus nauticus

Xylotrechus obliteratus

Xylotrechus quadrimaculatus

Xylotrechus quadripes

Xylotrechus sagittatus sagittatus

Xylotrechus spp.

Zabrotes subfasciatus

Zeuzera pyrina

Zonocerus variegatus

Zootermopsis angusticollis

Zophodia longipennella

Zygina zealandica

Zygogramma exclamationis

Aceria diospyri

Aceria litchii

Aceria tulipae

Aculops fuchsiae

Aculops lycopersici

Aculus cornutus

Aculus schlechtenndali

Brevipalpus chilensis

Brevipalpus phoenicis

Brevipalpus russulus

Bryobia repensi

Bryobia rubrioculus prunicola

Calacarus carinatus

Calacarus citrifolii

Calepitrimerus vitis

Cecidophyopsis ribis

Cenopalpus pulcher

Colomerus vitis

Diptacus gigantorhynchus

Dolichotetranychus floridanus

Eotetranychus boreus

Eotetranychus carpini borealis

Eotetranychus clitus

Eotetranychus lewisi

Eotetranychus orientalis

Eotetranychus pruni

Eotetranychus willamettei

Eriophyes litchii

Eriophyes mali

Eriophyes mangiferae

Eriophyes sheldoni

Eutetranychus africanus

Eutetranychus annechei

Eutetranychus banksi

Eutetranychus orientalis

Halotydeus destructor

Lorryia formosa

Oligonychus biharensis

Oligonychus coffeae

Oligonychus mangiferus

Oligonychus punicae

Oligonychus vitis

Panonychus elongatus

Phyllocoptes abaenus

Phyllocoptruta oleivora

Phytoptus insidiosus

Phytopus pyri

Raoiella indica

Rhizoglyphus narcissi

Sancassania coprophila

Schizoteranychus asparagi

Schwiebea zingiberi

Steneotarsonemus laticeps

Steneotarsonemus spinki

Tarsonemus ananas

Tarsonemus translucens

Tegolophus australis

Tetranychus canadensis

Tetranychus evansi

Tetranychus hydrange

Tetranychus lambi

Tetranychus ludeni

Tetranychus marianae

Tetranychus mcdanieli

Tetranychus neocaledonicus

Tetranychus pacificus

Tetranychus turkestani

Tuckerella flabellifera

Turckerella japonica

Tyrophagus palmarum

Anguina agrostis

Aphelenchoides bicaudatus

Aphelenchoides blastophthorus

Aphelenchoides spp.

Belonolaimus longicaudatus

Criconema palmatum

Criconemella ornata

Helicotylenchus leiocephalus

Helicotylenchus spp.

Hemicycliophora arenaria

Hemicycliophora truncata

Heterodera avenae

Heterodera schachtii

Heterodera trifolii

Heterodera zeae

Hirschmanniella diversa

Hoplolaimus galeatus

Hoplolaimus pararobustus

Hoplolaimus seinhorsti

Meloidogyne chitwoodi

Meloidogyne fallax

Meloidogyne minor

Meloidogyne floridensis

Meloidogyne mali

Meloidogyne mayaguensis

Meloidogyne naasi

Meloidogyne oryzae

Nacobbus aberrans

Paratrichodorus minor

Paratrichodorus teres

Pratylenchus brachyurus

Pratylenchus fallax

Pratylenchus loosi

Pratylenchus zeae

Punctodera chalcoensis

Rotylenchulus reniformis

Rotylenchus brevicaudatus

Rotylenchus buxophilus

Scutellonema bizanae

Scutellonema clariceps

Subanguina radicicola

Xiphinema diversicaudatum

Xiphinema index

Agriolimax agrestis

Arion ater

Arion hortensis

Arion mortensis

Cernuella virgata

Cochlioella barbara

Cochlioella ventrosa

Deroceras laeve

Deroceras reticulatum

Deroceras spp.

Helicella conspurcata

Helicella cretica

Helix aperta

Helix aspersa

Lehmannia flava

Lehmannia poirieri

Lehmannia valentiana

Limax flavus

Limax marginatus

Milax gagates

Otala lactea

Otala vermiculata

Rumina decollata

Succinea horticola

Succinea spp.

Theba pisana

Vaginulus occidentalis

Vallonia excentrica

Veronicella leydigi

Amsinckia intermedia

Cenchrus longispinus

Centaurea repens

Centaurea solstitialis

Cirsium arvense

Cirsium vulgare

Conium maculatum

Cuscuta spp.

Emex australis

Geranium dissectum

Iva xanthifolia

Linaria dalmatica

Myosotis arvensis

Orobanche spp.

Picris echioides

Salvinia molesta

Sherardia arvensis

Silene noctiflora

Striga spp. Xanthium spinosum

MPI specified Maximum Pest Limits (MPL’s)

Please note; for all commodities exported to South Korea requiring MPI phytosanitary certificates, the following levels have been set by MPI to facilitate exports while still meeting the importing country’s minimum requirements for specified quarantine pests and soil.

Quarantine pests* specified by South Korea 0.5%
Soil (for all plant products excluding seed for sowing) 25g / 600unit
Soil (seed for sowing) 0.1% by weight

*Quarantine pests for South Korea include organisms identified within:

  • quarantine pests section of this standard
  • additional declarations
  • phytosanitary import permit

Wood packaging 

 Refer to Forestry ICPR for Korea, link below: (offsite link to


Last updated: 17 June 2014