New ePhyto System

We are pleased to inform you that our new ePhyto application for electronic Phytosanitary Certifications is now available for use.

Once you have been registered as a user of this application according to your user roles you will receive an email from us with your Activation key.

Please click on the link provided below to get to the ePhyto Landing page from where you will be able to proceed into the new application.

Before you do so, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

(1) The ePhyto application can only be accessed by users registered with MPI for that purpose.

(2) The ePhyto application is accessed via an igovt login, which you already have or you will need to create when you login for the first time. This is a simple process where you can choose your username and password and will be required to specify a small number of security questions which will allow you to retrieve/reset your password at a later stage should you have misplaced it.

(3) When you access the ePhyto application first the first time using your igovt login, you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and provide an activation key, which you will be given when you register for ePhyto with MAF.

(4) The ePhyto application has been tested for use with different Web Browsers. Currently the application works with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) on Windows as well Firefox and Google Chrome on both Windows and Apple Mac.

(5) Further documentation on how to register and login is available for you to download from the ePhyto Landing page as per the link below.

(6) Documentation on how to use the new application is available for you to download from your home page once you are logged in to the application.

Please find below the link to the new ePhyto application landing page. You will need your activation key to get access beyond the landing page.

Link: ePhyto - Electronic Phytosanitary Certification (offsite link to

Please complete the following forms to apply to use the ePhyto system

ePhyto Application Forms

Old Phyto E-cert Application

Note that we are working on a new Manual and Standard for the ePhyto which will be published shortly. In the meantime the Business Rules in the User Manual Ecert Application apply to both systems.

Phyto E-Cert II Project Updates

Page last updated: 30 April 2012