Fees and Charges

The Ministry for Primary Industries recovers costs for a number of the services that it delivers. The costs recovered are managed through legislation (levies and regulations), and schedules of fees for the recovery of actual and reasonable expenses incurred.

Schedules of fees are used to recover costs that are dependent on the type of service provided to a client, often containing a third party cost. These fees are actual and reasonable in nature, and need to be transparent.

Levies and regulations are the legislated method of applying fees and charges to a wide range of activities on a fair and equitable basis, for large volumes of transactions. The balance of activity costs against the various levies, fees and charges is managed through memorandum of accounts over a period of time with regular reviews.

Levies are required to be reviewed annually, with any changes being implemented on 1 July of any year. Regulations and schedules of fees require review every three years, with regulations requiring a consultation, impact analysis and parliamentary process before enactment.

MPI has provided links to the relevant Levy Orders, Regulations and to the many Schedules of Fees for costs recovery. It has also provided links to other Government agencies web pages where relevant costs recovery information is available that has interdependencies with MPI.

MPI Standards and Regulations - Importing

MPI Standards and Regulations – Exporting

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Food Safety Fees and Charges

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