Sea-craft (Vessels) and Seaports

Vessels arriving to New Zealand should arrive at an approved Place of First Arrival (POFA) unless approval to arrive elsewhere has been granted. Notice must be given before arrival of intended port and date and include all the required prearrival information in an Advance Notice of Arrival (ANA). Notice is also required if arrival is made elsewhere or arrival details change.

Arriving vessels undergo either:

  • full clearance of risk goods or,
  • if ‘coastwise vessels’ calling at POFAs only for short periods, checks for management of onboard risks. (‘Coastwise vessels’ includes most cargo and Passenger vessels.)

Go to Sea-craft or Seaports for the relevant standards and regulations under the Biosecurity Act that set out the biosecurity requirements for:

Also relevant forms (declarations, application forms, approval requests etc) for submitting information as required under the biosecurity regime are found under these links.

Page last updated: 5 June 2014