IHS requirements tool for vehicles, machinery and parts

This tool summarises the vehicle, machinery, and parts import health standard. Importers can use the tool to quickly check the biosecurity requirements for importing vehicles, machinery, or parts.


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Outdoor or targeted machinery is defined as machinery that has been used outdoors or has been used with or near biosecurity contaminants, including grain, seeds, soil, plant, and animal material. See schedule 3 of the IHS for more details.


Vehicle, machinery, and parts import health standard (IHS) [PDF, 775 KB]

Guidance document for the IHS [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Approved Biosecurity Treatments for risk goods (MPI-ABTRT) [PDF, 1.4 MB]

Sea container IHS [PDF, 614 KB]

Transhipping cargo

Different rules apply if:

  • your cargo left from a BMSB-free country but passed through a BMSB risk country before it arrived in New Zealand. See section 4.7 of the IHS.
  • your cargo is arriving in New Zealand on its way to another country. See section 2.5 of the IHS.

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Sea containers have different requirements

There are separate BMSB requirements for sea containers.

Find out about importing containers and cargo

Check the tool summarising the sea container IHS

More information

This tool does not replace the import health standard, it’s a quick reference guide for the biosecurity requirements you need to meet.

Read more about BMSB season requirements 

If you have questions about this tool or these import requirements, email BMSB@mpi.govt.nz

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